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The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants
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The book contains true stories from her own life with warm-hearted observations of the animals and plants she has known.

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  • Author: Laurie Conrad
  • Design & Ornament: Diana Souza
  • Publisher: Authorhouse (April, 2002)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0759658722

The book contains true stories from her own life with warm-hearted observations of the animals and plants she has known.

Her perception, filtered through a musician’s senses and a healer’s instincts, reveals a charmed dimension of understanding as she gradually begins to realize that animals and plants are truly capable of communication and spirituality. These stories-both delicate and astonishing-describe a metamorphosis of awareness that embraces, at times, no less than divine healings. Lovers of animals and plants have often suspected what this book at last confirms in print: that animals and plants, trees, birds, bees and even bugs are all spiritual beings.

The anecdotes of how she came to observe that animals and plants have spiritual consciousness convey the simple charms of a down-to-earth mystic whose wonderment reveals unexpected miracles. The book was designed and illustrated by Diana Souza, whose whimsical, elegant style graces the book with the enchanted air of a modern fairytale come-true.

“Have you ever had such a close relationship with a pet that you felt you could read their thoughts and know their feelings? Does a certain plant bring special feelings to your day? Well, in the book The Spiritual Life of Plants and Animals, Laurie Conrad shares her enlightening stories and tale of the animals and plants in her life and the communications she has shared with them. A uplifting collection of stories, sure to bring a smile to your heart.”
New Age Journal
“If you’ve ever wondered if animals and plants have souls, then you will love reading Laurie Conrad’s “The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants.” Through the eyes and ears of a composer and musician, Conrad weaves wonderful little tales about the plants and animals that she has come to know and love in her life.”
“Her stories, sometimes wistful and lighthearted are always insightful. Conrad’s ability to patiently watch creatures as they go about their daily lives is astounding, allowing her to tap into the patterns of their existence.”
“By the time I had completed reading Laurie Conrad’s book, I felt grounded in the knowledge that plants and animals do indeed lead spiritual lives and that as caretakers of our earth, we humans have an obligation to live more consciously of all the soulful creatures who exist within this realm.”
Jeni Mayer
“What a unique collection of stories! The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants gave me a whole new perspective on the animal (and even insect) beings who so closely share the earth with us. If you’d like to expand your ‘circle of compassion’, read this book.”
Carol Kline
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
Chicken Soup for the Cat & Dog Lover’s Soul
Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul 2
“These are touching stories, written by an extraordinary person.”
Katy Payne
Author, Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants
“Clairvoyant, music teacher and psychic healer Laurie Conrad has written a charming and engaging book about her often miraculous experiences of prayer and healing with her numerous cats, dogs, and other fauna and flora. The book is disarmingly simple...yet powerful and believable...”
Alternative Culture Magazine
“I think it was Nigel who persuaded me - really persuaded me - that birds sing deliberately and with great effort. That their attack upon the air is the work of a gifted musician in some cases or just the chatter of a sing along Charlie in others. And for the latter this teacher “didn’t have the patience”. But for Nigel, for that talent, she did. And since Nigel had a gifted teacher “I began to give him instruction inwardly. I had, after all, been a piano teacher for twenty years.” She takes over and you see that sacred relationship. For a moment: teacher and pupil. You fancy you know it. You don’t. But you have glimpsed into something that happens in rare instances between two people. Woops - between a teacher and a bird. Both musicians.”
Kate Millett
Author of Mother Millett, Sita, Sexual Politics
“I was touched by the charming anecdotes which portray our universe and the oneness of connection we as human beings share with our animal and plant counterparts. The author’s keen observations reflect our search for divinity.”
Lisbeth O’Donnell-Lippert
Usui Shiki Ryoho, Distant Healing Network
Immediate Response Team (IRT) Group Leader
“An enlightening book that illustrates various means of healing through divine love."
J. Siegal
“The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants is like a gentle sharing that makes one smile in one’s heart. Beautiful stories written by a musician, powerful healer, and clairvoyant. Inspiring indeed!”
Robin Champion
Distant Healing Network
“Using humorous storytelling to relate her moving personal experiences as a divine healer, Laurie Conrad moves effortlessly between our tangible, familiar reality and other dimensions of experience. She draws us seamlessly into a world of magical participation, synchronicity and mystique. She is able to mediate between other dimensions of experience, familiar in one form or another in every past culture, and our tangible quotidian reality.”
John A. Gosling, MD
Psychiatrist and Jungian Analyst
“This wonderful and beautifully illustrated book captures the love and magic between animals and people, by someone with the ability to see deep into their souls. Healing can come about in many ways, and the communication between people and animals and the deep spiritual bonds between them is where the most profound healing can take place. Laurie Conrad addresses this in a most perceptive and intuitive way.”
Dr. Anna Maria Scholey
MA, Vet.MB, Holistic Veterinarian
“An interesting collection of stories and anecdotes for anyone who has ever wondered if their pet has a spiritual side. The author so clearly feels that there is more to animals than meets the eye and it is hard not to hope that she’s right.”
Jocelyn Toner
“This is a wonderful and deeply spiritual book for anyone that loves animals. I highly recommend this book to animal lovers everywhere who would like to explore the connection between animals and people on a spiritual level.”
Danielle Daoust
Global Psychics

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