Item: 01-0011 [Book Cover T-Shirt]
Book Cover T-Shirts
This shirt features the illustrated cover of The Spritual Life of Animals and Plants!

Price: $12.50 (plus s/h)

Product Details:
  • Material: Heavy Weight 100% Cotton T
  • Graphics: Black screened image and type on white shirt
  • Sizes: S/M/L
  • Item #: 01-0011

A lone monk of a cat, Mr. Guy was a wise and deep soul well suited to the role he plays on the bookcover, emanating spiritual wisdom through the power of his penetrating gaze. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and carried his good looks in absolute humility.

One day a neighborhood bully, with teeth bared, slowly drew nearer to Mr. Guy, who stood motionless against the garage. The bully drew within an arm’s length, about to pounce, when Mr. Guy reached out and licked his face. The bully was so startled by this unexpected stroke of affection that he fled in the opposite direction at top speed.

To know him and be loved by him was a huge blessing.

- Diana Souza

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