New Review of "We Meet in Dreams"

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New Review of "We Meet in Dreams"

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Here is a new Amazon Review for We Meet in Dreams:
We Meet in Dreams: A New Interpretation of Dreams (Paperback)
This is a wonderfully written book about dreams, and delves into the mysterious dimension of dreams from a new and different perspective. The connections and significance of dreams and the people that appear in them are explained, from meeting people in the dream state, to dreams of the future and dreams about other places on earth. The book is well organized, very detailed, and many dreams are described and interpreted, both individually and under the context of different types of dreams, and I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about dreams, and taking their knowledge and understanding of dreams to the next level. Deeply spiritual and profound, as well as psychological and practical, We Meet in Dreams is also easy to read and entertaining at the same time. I loved the design of the book, which is mystical and inspiring. The book is laid out very well, and is clear and easy to read. The overall design is unique and fits in perfectly with the theme of the book, as does the lovely cover illustration. Read and dream on!
Dr. Anna Marie Gardner
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