Epilogue to the New Book "We Meet in Dreams"

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Epilogue to the New Book "We Meet in Dreams"

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I thought some of you might be interested in reading the Epilogue to my new book We Meet in Dreams/ A New Interpretation of Dreams.


In this little volume I have discussed many sorts of special dreams that are not ordinary dreams: dream meetings with beings in other realms; nightmares vs. dream visits to the lower realms; dream visits from those we love who are now in other realms; dream meetings where we help other people on earth; dream visits to other places on earth; prophetic dreams, dreams of the future; symbolic dreams; shared dreams; dreams where we travel among the stars.

I have urged you to stop visiting the lower realms, and given suggestions how to stop these dream visits; I have suggested that you honor and savor your dream meetings and visits to the higher realms and any messages you have received in those realms. I have given suggestions on how to analyze these dream visits and meetings in other realms.

But perhaps the greatest message I have for you is that no matter what realm we visit or inhabit, the substratum of all realms is Divine Light and Divine Consciousness – and that our very Essence is the Light and Love and Divinity of the Soul. And that Life, our lives and the universe we find ourselves in, are all parts of a Holy and Divine Mystery, a Mystery more orderly and more intricate than we could ever imagine.
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