Interview on Divine Healing with Laurie Conrad, by Diana Sou

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Interview on Divine Healing with Laurie Conrad, by Diana Sou

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Interview on Divine Healing with Laurie Conrad, by Diana Souza.

Laurie Conrad is a divine healer who works with the Distant Healing Network, a group of healers from around the world who send healing to anyone who requests it.

She is also the author of "The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants", a collection of true stories. The book speaks of miracles and healings - as well as the innate spirituality of animals. The author is giving a large percentage of her profits to animal protection organisations. For more information on the author and the book go to

September 10, 2001 Ithaca, New York

Q: It seems that the greatest of all gifts that have come to you through your sixth sense has been your realization of what you call Divine Love. What do you mean by Divine Love?

L: My perception of Divine Love perhaps is the result of my clairvoyance - I’m not sure that one has to be clairvoyant to sense that Divine Presence ... Actually, I don’t think so ...

The subject of Divine Love, that’s a huge question, as vast as God perhaps - it could take volumes, couldn’t it? It’s hard to explain and I’ve found out how hard it is to explain by trying to talk about it. Maybe I haven’t learned how to say it yet ... Basically, Divine Love is the Higher Love. In other words, we have personal love that we generate for other people; Divine Love we cannot personally generate. Only God can give it. In my experience, it is the very essence of Divinity. Through Grace it is given to us by the Divine, comes through us and then radiates outwards to all other beings. One good test: if the love we feel isn’t for all other creatures, no matter what they have said or done or are or have been - then it isn’t the Higher Love.

If we are lucky we can learn to truly personally love, deeply and loyally, honestly and ethically while here on earth. Then, if we are even luckier, and through hard work and self analysis - perhaps we can attain a quality of detachment from events and people where we are not so attached - where we have desires and if they are not fulfilled, those emotions do not turn to the opposite emotions such as anger and hatred. The sort of love we might have for our children or pets or students, for instance, now applied to all beings. But basically Divine Love is a prayer. That Love from the Higher, from the Divine, from God - fills and surrounds us and then naturally radiates out towards others.

In my experience this Higher Love, Divine Love - is the source of all Divine Healing. It’s the Love aspect of the Godhead. For Christians I guess it would be the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is referred to as "the Comforter" and I believe that He represents the Healing, the Love, and also the Enlightenment aspects of the Godhead. I call on Christ for healing, I call on Mary, I call on the saints, I call on my friends, I call on everyone. My theology - well, I didn’t study in a seminary or a convent and I’m certainly not a Bible Scholar. All I know is that when I have been in the presence of a big healing miracle - such as cancer or some other fatal disease or injury - the room has been filled with an incredible Love, a tangible Love that is not describable. And perhaps because of that, whenever I think of God or of the Divine now, what always comes to mind first is the feeling and memory of that Love. And that Divine Love, as I say, is not ours. But if we haven’t learned to love here, personally, I don’t know if the Higher Love will come through us in the same way. I don’t know. I am not speaking of miracles now. Miracles have nothing to do with us. I am speaking about our daily life and being in the world. It seems to me that it is best if it all lines up: that first, you learn to love personally, and then you have this incredible Love for and from God. And if you can’t feel personal love, the Divine Love can heal you, so that you are able to love your fellow creatures. Just ask - ask that the Divine Love fill and surround you. If you are filled and surrounded by the Divine Presence, it will naturally radiate towards others. I think this is what everyone is really seeking, looking for. We’re just looking in all the wrong places.

Q: You’re speaking from your own viewpoint as a Catholic, but I know you also intend to convey that it’s not just applicable to Catholics ...

L: No, not at all, certainly not. That’s why I think Divinity might be a better word. Whatever your idea of Divinity is, your representation of Divinity, of God, is. You could say that we humans have divided God up into various religions and sects and so forth - but there is only one God. God is the substratum of our entire universe. This Divinity is the very essence of our entire universe. So no, I am not limiting what I say or write to any one religion or philosophy.

Q: One God and one source of Divine Love, no matter what names are used?

L: Yes. It is That, whatever you call That.

Q: And Divine Love, your understanding of Divine Love, really, that has propelled everything you’ve learned that’s gone into this book - is that true?

L: Well, yes, I would say so.

Q: Would you say that your observations of animals led you originally to understanding Divine Love, by being aware of Divine Love?

L: No, I wouldn’t say that was true. I would say that meditation and prayer brought me to the Divine Love. Well, this would be a very long discussion.

Q: In your book, The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants, you mention something you call "mental healing." How would you describe that?

L: Well, it is Divine Healing. As a student of Divine Healing, usually you will begin with laying on hands. In other words, you first learn to heal people by putting your hands on them or near them. In this sort of Healing, we ask that the Divine Healing Energy, or God’s Healing Presence comes through us to heal the person. But there is another way to heal others, which is to just ask the Higher, to ask God for the Healing. You don’t have to put your hands on anyone, you just ask that someone be healed. And then you say: "thank you". It’s a deep prayer. The person you are healing could be in the next room or halfway around the world. Or even in another realm. And miracles happen. I think Kathryn Kuhlman was, in that sense, a mental healer. She did not have to actually touch anyone, and incredible, miraculous healings would occur. It’s basically asking, and trusting in God - it is very much based on Faith. I’m a member of the Distant Healing Network, if people are interested - they are listed on the Web. About 800 healers from all over the world do this sort of mental healing for free, as a service. People e-mail us about everything from a lost animal to depression to "incurable" diseases. I see miracles every day, from cancer down to a cut finger.

I also believe that anyone can do this, and in the book I try to teach others as I was taught.

Q: You say that you have to "ask permission first."

L: Yes, that is true. If someone asks you for healing, the first thing you must do is to ask for permission. And if you are not clairvoyant or clairaudient, some people use a pendulum to determine if they are allowed to send healing or not.

Q: When you say "ask permission" ... do you mean ask permission from God?

L: Yes. We all have a destiny and we all have certain lessons we are trying to learn while on earth. We can always ask, of course, pray for healing. As long as we add: "Thy Will be done" or something similar.

Especially if you have any power as a healer, you must ask the Higher if you have permission to heal that person - because you do not want to interfere with the destiny of that individual. Every being on earth has a destiny, and God knows what is best for that creature, far better than any healer. So if you are not clairvoyant, you can use a pendulum to ask, "Am I allowed to send healing", and then you can ask what sort of healing and for what areas of suffering. I have always been allowed to lessen pain, even if I am not allowed to cure the condition. But I am not always allowed to ask for the cure of a terminal disease or some infirmity that might be actually helping the person’s soul or the world. Or perhaps that being is now needed in another realm, for a reason that we on earth do not comprehend. Basically - the Higher knows what’s good for everyone’s soul, and we don’t. If we are not allowed to send healing, then we know that someone Higher than us is in charge of that creature.

Q: So this is in the same spirit of the faith healers who always say, "It’s not ME doing the healing, the healing is coming from God, through me."

L: Well I would say it’s not even coming through me, I’m just asking ... I’m the Asker, I’m the Petitioner. When you do hands-on healing, you do ask that it come through you - but in mental healing, it does not even come through you.

Q: It’s a prayer.

L: It is a prayer. And then you say: "thank you."

Q: Even if the prayer ISN’T answered, you say thank you?

L: Well, we say "thank you" for many reasons. First of all, the Healer has asked God for something. So in that sense it is: "Thank you for listening, thank you for your Love and Compassion, thank you for the miracle." You know, we even thank the toothbrush company when we write them with a request of some sort. How many people thank God when they wake up in the morning, for Life? In general most of us are lacking in gratitude for all that we have been given by God. And, we thank the Higher for another reason. There is a risk that the healing could be lost if we do not.

Q: Then the fact that we earthlings even have access to the Divine is reason to say "thank you". That this miraculous Love is available to us.

L: Yes. Then we also say "thank you" as an expression of our Faith. In other words, whatever the outcome of this request, I thank You, knowing that You have listened and will do what is best for this poor, suffering being - because I trust the immense Love, Wisdom and Compassion that You Are. These words are so poor, but this interview is limited in space and it would be difficult to find the correct words in any case - if our human language even has them.

It is also a profession of Faith in another sense. For instance: a person is bleeding to death right in front of you, and you have been given permission to ask for a full healing. You then ask that the person be fully healed, and you say "thank you". Then you assume that if the healing was allowed, the request will be granted. God doesn’t say "yes" one moment and then "no" the next. So if you don’t say "thank you" BEFORE you see the healing, probably the miracle will not be granted. It would represent a lack of Faith, a lack of Trust.

Q: Well, then, it seems that the expression of gratitude is a pretty key factor in your experience.

L: My gratitude gets deeper and deeper.

Q: Jesus said that we’ll all be able to do what He has done, if we’ll just try ...

L: Not to think of it as "I’m doing it" ... It’s not that "I am doing it" at all; in fact, the more you get out of the way, the bigger the miracle. That has been my experience.

Q: Let go and let God.

L: It’s amazing how the Divine will attend to all kinds of things with the same intensity: a little child with a cut finger, the Divine will come and heal that just as nicely and quickly as someone with leukemia. It’s more than we can comprehend as human beings, the sort of Love that God has for us.

Q: You have the attitude of belief, so your faith is an underpinning; your faith provides the structure for your prayers to be answered. Is it possible to do this without faith?

L: I don’t know. Kathryn Kuhlman remarked that sometimes very devout Christians would leave her healing services unhealed - and yet a man who didn’t even believe in God, who wandered into the service, off the street by accident, WOULD get healed. So maybe that man who wandered into the service needed to learn that there was a God. These are all mysteries. We’re not supposed to understand it all, I don’t think so. But you have to have enough faith at least to ask for healing, or not much will happen.

Q: Tell us about "giving your heart" as "the essence of all Divine healing."

L: Well, I think it does come down to love. Love for the Higher, for the Divine. And then the love and compassion for the person you are trying to heal. I have found that the deeper you love the person you are trying to heal, the deeper your compassion for that being. In my experience, there does seem to be a direct correlation between the love and compassion and the speed of the healing and the effect of the healing - and the scope of the healing. Now, I don’t know if that is always true. Miracles can be granted to a person I will never even meet. In fact, people leave messages on my answering machine thanking me for a healing - and I never even consciously received their initial phone call. And it is the same on e-mail. As soon as my machine receives a message asking for healing, the healing begins all on its own.

But I do know that if I am consciously trying to help someone heal, there does seem to be a correlation. In might be that our personal feelings deepen the prayer. Or perhaps our own love and compassion makes a bigger space for the Higher to come through ... it’s as though the human heart opens so that there is more Heart, more room for the Higher to come through - it’s more transparent, in a way - it’s very difficult to find the words. Sometimes I will see Christ in my heart, doing the Healing.
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