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A Prayer

The Garden of Eden
was a very large Garden -
it was our universe
before it was contaminated
by the fallen angels
by man & the creatures
of the various inhabited realms -

The Garden
was when all the planets,
including our Earth,
when all the heavenly bodies
radiated only the Divine, the
positive, healing, sacred Energy
that is God.

Inwardly ask that all
the stars, planets,
all the heavenly bodies
in all universes seen and unseen
again radiate this Divine
positive energy

so that all universes
and all creatures
may be truly Healed,
may once again reflect the Divine

So that as Christ &
the other Divine Beings
go from realm to realm,
They will be at Home

And so that when Christ
comes to Earth again,
His Sacred Voyage
will be met by the same
Divine planetary emissaries
He Himself created
in the beginning
of our world.
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