Healing For Chris' Father - Jim Adamson - in England

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Healing For Chris' Father - Jim Adamson - in England

Post by sarah » Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:04 pm

Dear Laurie,

My father - Jim - who is 89 years old and lives near Carlisle in England, has recently returned from the hospital. He had his left hip replaced last year, and had to return to hospital recently with complications with his sciatic nerve accompanied with great pain.

His pain is managed now, but he is bed-ridden and needs to get back strength in his legs so he can start to walk again.

Also while in hoslital, he found one night that he could not urinate and has had a catheter drawing out urine ever since. So it would be good if he can get back control of his urinalry tract and bladder.

Because he is not exercising, he has very little appetite - a viscious circle. So he needs to get back some enthusiasm to start exercising and eating.

Thank you and the angels.

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