Industry Musical Experience

The personal musical history of Laurie Conrad, a list of works discussion, upcoming concerts & radio tv broadcasts

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Industry Musical Experience

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Industry Experience

Work Experience

Newspaper Interview - The Creative Process: Composer Laurie Conrad - Ithaca, NY USA

Interviewed by Jim Catalano 3/10/2005 to Present

Can be viewed on Excerpt: Ticket: Does the composition process come easily to you? Are there things you do to get yourself "in the zone" to write? Conrad: Usually, the main problem is that I can't write the notes down on the paper fast enough, and my initial sketches are often almost unreadable. To get "in the zone" I sit down at the piano and put a new piece of manuscript paper on the music rack.

Recordings, Television - worldwide
Pianist and Composer 7/1/1983 to Present

Recordings and television shows, as pianist and composer. Her music has been aired on major radio stations worldwide since 1983.

Cayuga Chamber Orchestra - Ithaca, NY. Clarinetist during the orchestra's initial season.

The Ithaca Contemporary Players - Ithaca, NY
composer and performer 7/1/1977 to 7/1/1990

"The Ithaca Contemporary Players" founded in 1977; dedicated to performing Conrad's music. Concerts in the Ithaca area; recordings; touring. Received various grants.

Concert Pianist - East Coast, East Coast USA
Concert Pianist 7/12/1970 to Present

Concerts, workshops, lecture/concerts on the East Coast, solo and chamber music; classic literature (J.S. Bach through contemporary composers) as well as her own music.


Concerts, workshops and lecture/concerts on the East Coast; recordings and television shows; performances by - artists worldwide.

speaker & performer 3/12/1969 to Present

Lecture/Concerts of her own music and of other classical composers including: Beethoven (late Beethoven Piano Sonatas), Schubert, Chopin, Ravel (Valse Nobles et Sentimentales), Debussy, Scriabin (The Black Mass Sonata) in public concerts and in University settings.

Teaching - East Coast, East Coast USA
Private/ Classes/ Workshops 7/21/1966 to Present

Adirondack Symphony Orchestra - Adirondacks, NY
Clarinetist 7/9/1964 to 8/26/1964

Great Neck Symphony Orchestra - Great Neck, NY
clarinetist 3/12/1964 to 4/14/1964

Lynbrook Symphony Orchestra - Lynbrook, NY
Clarinetist 6/14/1961 to 5/12/1964

Played clarinet under the conductor Emmanual Vardi for several seasons while still in High School.

Major Awards Received

CAPS Grant - Ithaca, NY
recipient 1/1/2004 to 1/1/2005 to write String Quintet #2

Who's Who in America - USA
Marquis 1/1/2003 (established in 1899)
57th edition.

The Dictionary of International Biography - Worldwide
Cambridge 1/1/1995
27th edition through the present.

Research Board of the American Biographical Institute - Raleigh, North Carolina USA
member of Board since 1/1/1993

American Keyboard Artists - Chicago, IL USA
Chicago Biographical Center 1/1/1988

Who's Who in Entertainment - Cambridge, England
Marquis, founded in 1899 1/1/1987

The International Who's Who in Music - Cambridge, England
Cambridge 1/1/1986
Established in 1935.

Lincoln Center - NYC, NY
composer 9/12/1984

Concert at Lincoln Center (songs and other works), chosen by the Association of Women Composers.

Meet the Composer Grant - NY, USA
recipient 3/11/1984

The International Encyclopedia of Women Composers
recipient 1/1/1984

Who's Who in American Music - USA
Jaques Cattell Press
recipient 1/1/1983

Ithaca College, Graduate Fellowship - Ithaca, NY
Graduate Fellowship in Music History 9/12/1968 to 5/24/1970

Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 5/12/1967 to 5/12/1968
Awarded during Junior year of undergraduate work at Ithaca College, School of Music.

Chautaughqua - Jamestown, NY
Piano Scholarship 6/23/1966 to 8/22/1966
Full scholarship on piano; played E flat clarinet in the Chautaughqua Symphony orchestra.

Ithaca College, School of Music - Ithaca, NY
full scholarship 9/1/1964 to 5/28/1968

Full scholarship for undergraduate years at the college, with a major in Piano and minor in composition, in the professional music degree program. Studied Piano with George King Driscoll and Composition with Karel Husa.

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