Spring Song

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Spring Song

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These three poems are words to songs I am writing, although I have not yet decided the instrumentation - or even if there will be a vocalist. The words I write for songs often are not about myself - here the last poem, III, is. But in the words for songs I am trying to universalize the human condition - and hopefully helping others to find a way to Beauty and Love, Hope ...

Spring Song


The day
begins in sunlight;
All is new.

The sweet songs
of the birds
further illumine the air,
and a warm breeze
carries life itself
into the garden,
caressing my face.

And yet tears fall
with no name
or place -
and they are mine.


My heart overflows
with unsung songs,

Unspoken words
float within my being
in silence,

A silence as deep
as the sea
before me.


I close my eyes -

My soul burns
within me
effortlessly ignoring
the cares of this world.

Suddenly my love for you,
for all that exists
Reaches out

into Infinity.
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