Prayer and Meditation

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Prayer and Meditation

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Prayer and Meditation

If we come from our own poor
hearts only, then we have
very little to give.

This is hard for us humans
to believe only because
we cannot know the immensity
and power and depth of the Love
God has for us - this Divine Love
is the very substratum of our universe.

It is more powerful than the sea
more brilliant than the stars -

This we cannot believe because
we know only our own small
hearts and small love which is so
filled with needs and the cares
of this world ...

There is a hidden ray of the
Divine, placed within our smaller
Hearts, if only we would seek it -
Christ Himself said: Heaven is within you -

Look within to find the Divine
Meeting of the Soul with God

or our hearts will perish,

and this generation, this race of humans

will have truly failed.
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