The Storm, Song for Soprano and Baritone Voices

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The Storm, Song for Soprano and Baritone Voices

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The Storm

Such a storm!

The careless rain changes
pitch and direction
with the heartless wind.

And now the thunder
of crashing clouds,
as though the olden gods
strode above us!

The wind and the rain
beat and swirl into the wordless Night,
The moon hidden
beyond the bowed and trembling trees.

We can barely see
the way before us -

And next to me
your silent tears
mingle with the storm.

Verse II:

Still the crashing
clouds above,
The gusts of wind and rain
grow wilder -

We cannot see the path
before us.

My love,
are you thinking of
the life we have shared
so easily, so sweetly -

The children
and their joyful laughter
and groundless fears -

Or do your thoughts
now try to grasp
vows we took in other realms,
before we lived on this vast Earth,

vows I can only now
faintly remember.
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