Two Songs: A Feather & Sailboats (for Soprano and Baritone)

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Two Songs: A Feather & Sailboats (for Soprano and Baritone)

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I. Sailboats:

Winged boats
in the distance -

white sea gulls float
on the deep blue water,

And in the haze
infant waves
make their way
towards us.

As we slowly walk
the pebbled beach,
your arm in mine,

The Day's Beauty
unfolds around us
in fleeting,
moods and colours.

II. A Feather:

Children play
in the sand,
their voices gay
and light in the wind.

The hills soft
and layered into a
seeming infinity,

Ringing the lake
and our love.

You, holding your hat
against the wind,
it's straw brim fluttering,

And on our return
the small white feather
still among the tall grasses

Fluttering in the wind
whispering sweet words
from other realms

And the haze
returns and encircles me
and the fluid veil
that separates
our worlds

Like the hills
that ring the lake
into infinity.

And I am alone
once more.
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