By the Lake - from the Epilogue of 'Realms of Light'

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By the Lake - from the Epilogue of 'Realms of Light'

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By the Lake

A lone sailboat
makes its way across the lake,
and its wake leaves a white trail
on the blue water.
And then the silence,
save for the wind and the crickets.

We are like the boat,
trailing our personal history.
And the silence
and the wind and the crickets -
are the Soul.

The soul’s silence
and Light and Love
are eternal and all-pervasive,
a perfect reflection of the Divine.

We live and travel in many realms,
not just this earthly one.
Whether we do so consciously or not,
we visit many Lakes in many realms,
and ride in many boats
and leave many trails of foam
and brightness behind us.

And all these experiences
are imprinted upon the soul,
in our deepest memory.

True Life and the Soul
are far more Infinite -
than we could ever imagine.
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