Three Songs

Read Poetry and Words to Songs by Laurie Conrad

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Three Songs

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Song I.

The earth
of the woods soft underfoot
laughter coming
through the trees
in the sunlight
here & there, in our eyes,
as we go towards the
tall cliffs

drawn by the music of
the cascading water,
its melodies half hidden
& mingled with the sweet
songs of the birds

the World's harmonies
hung on the falls
in the sun & mist
the water falling falling
so sweetly around us
calling to us,
calling our names.

Song II.

The moon,
cut into the sky,
as though distant Light
streams through
a crescent gap
in the Heavens
surrounded by stars.

And for an instant we
share a single soul
filled with
wonder & Beauty
surrounded by
the bold slash of
brightness above
and myriad stars.

Song III.

The firs bend in the wind
- the first snow has come
bringing a thousand
new faces to the Night
- the path now narrow and dark
narrow and bent,
bent in the wind
as the branches which
flutter and huddle together
as I pass

and I long to again
be sitting by the fire,
in the warmth of our Love.
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