Rehearsal Letters for the Harp Cycles: September 10-18, 2007

Journal entries by composer and pianist Laurie Conrad

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Rehearsal Letters for the Harp Cycles: September 10-18, 2007

Post by figaro » Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:55 pm

Rehearsal Letters for the Harp Cycles: A Composer’s Journal: Entries September 10-18, 2007


Monday, September 10
11 p.m.

Just got in from clipping the forsythia. No moon, was difficult to see. An e-mail from Myra, I forgot to put rehearsal letters in the individual parts:

“I'm working my way through the new copies of the harp parts that you prepared for me. It is another big project to tape it all together and remark all the pedals, but it is much easier for me to practice from these new parts. Thank you! A suggestion -- to put rehearsal letters into the parts before you give them out to any other players -- and make note of them in the scores. I will need to look at your scores to enter them into my parts when I see you again.
Provincetown is beautiful! Kate is mostly reading and relaxing. I am practicing. Love Myra”

Since I usually give the players the full score, there is no need for rehearsal letters - all the musicians are reading off the same score. But since they will have individual parts in these two cycles, I had best put them in. Actually we will have to put them in together, during the first rehearsal - otherwise it will take me many hours.

Tuesday, September 18

E-mails to Cornell and Tabula Rasa about performances of the Images and the Songs. E-mails back and forth to Robert Spear about future concerts and performers.

Myra has not had time to practice the new scores, so it would be useless to schedule run-throughs.

I think about writing the new harp solo but no ideas come.

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