The Song Cycle: July 6- July 9, 2007

Journal entries by composer and pianist Laurie Conrad

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The Song Cycle: July 6- July 9, 2007

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The Song Cycle: A Composer’s Journal Entries: July 6 - July 9, 2007


Image: The upright piano at Windgarth House

Friday, July 6
10:30 a.m.

Stared into the back gardens. My mind still cannot grasp that I cannot go outside on such a beautiful day. In the low seventies; sun. The beautiful crab apple tree with its deep red fruits, gracefully framing the wooden Monet bench. The Eden climbing rose, pale in the sun, floating; the firs, the different greens and golds and creams of the hostas. The pile of leaves on the slate path, left from early spring ... Annuals in their small flats still in the wheelbarrow, unplanted. Filled hanging baskets not yet hung on their shepherd’s hooks ...

Still dizzy, feeling faint ... Almost 100 degrees again today. I dare not even open the door.

Saturday, July 8
Windgarth 7:30 p.m.

Cooler today, in the mid-seventies. A nice breeze. Worked briefly on the unfinished pages of The Feather on the old, black upright piano in the downstairs sitting room. Put the new lamp on my desk; our last tenants broke the last one. Larry had a birthday party for Scott, in the back garden - a lawn party. Scott brought us some chocolate birthday cake out on the dock; children & adults, & a small dog named Maggie, all lit up from behind, in the waning sun. A pleasant, sweet scene. I watched from the dock. Met the new grandchild, Alessandra, who showed me her toys & said a few words. The lake pale today, quiet. Niel has taken the kayak out for a jaunt. Am already thinking ahead to the solo piano & harp pieces, sketched out a few new ideas in my mind.

The entire house is rented next week, so tomorrow we pack up, put our things away in cabinets & on shelves in the basement. Drag some things home, food, clothes, hats ... It is so very peaceful here.

Monday, July 9
3:45 p.m.

Collapsed in the heat again yesterday, at Windgarth. Recovered more quickly this time, was better today; same treatment as before, plus medicinal ice cream on the way home. Even half conscious & barely able to move, the melody of those unfinished pages appeared in my heart & kept me company.

Carolyn and the children came for dinner and stayed for some hours. Ian fell asleep, clutching his little bag of toys; Niel so tenderly carried him to the car.

Today a visit from JF; Niel came home early, to study for his exams and take a nap. Finished The Feather in the few minutes I could sit up. Later will put in dynamics, metronome markings - and pedal markings for the piano.

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