Christmas Angel Story: 'Diana and the Angel' from new book

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Christmas Angel Story: 'Diana and the Angel' from new book

Post by figaro » Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:59 am

Christmas Angel Story: 'Diana and the Angel' from the new book 'Visits With Angels': A Mystic’s Journal" December 16, 2008

I have been running Mabel's Angel Story every year at Christmastime for the past few years. This year, in place of Mabel's story, I have chosen a different story from the book I am now finishing for publication: 'Visits With Angels and Other Divine Beings'.

This angel story was given to me by my friend - and the designer/illustrator of the new book - Diana Souza. I should add that Diana is neither clairvoyant nor clairaudient - which, from my point of view, makes her story even more powerful and unusual.

Diana: I was finishing up with band practice, when I lived in New Orleans, in my late twenties. I was the last one to leave band practice, which was at my friend Olivia’s apartment. Everyone else in the band had already left.

I got in my car, started it up and was getting ready to pull out into the intersection when suddenly I heard a woman’s voice call my name: "Diana!". I stopped and looked around, and at that very instant there was a speeding car that went straight through the intersection I was about to pull into.

It was going so fast, that if I had pulled out into the intersection at that moment I would have been killed.

So I looked around when I heard my name shouted, and I didn’t see anyone, I didn’t see a soul. Because, of course, at first I thought it was Olivia: "Oh, I must have forgotten something, and she’s run out onto the curb to give it to me." But she was nowhere in sight. When I got home I called her and asked her if she had called my name as I was leaving and she said no, she had not.

LC It is my belief that these supernatural experiences with angels are not as rare as most of us think. Some questions: What did the voice sound like? Did it sound like a human voice? Was it unusual in any way? Do you remember this experience more vividly than your other life experiences?

Diana: To answer your questions about my experience with a guardian angel: The voice was a woman's. It wasn't unusual, but I didn't recognize it. Absolutely, the voice sounded human, like a woman who knew me well. Apparently, the voice belonged to someone who watched over me carefully, because this wasn't an unusual circumstance, it was just an ordinary passing moment in an ordinary day. All the voice said was my name, with a tone of alert or alarm, like a mother's voice when her child is about to do something dangerous and needs to be stopped immediately, sharply.

I don't remember this experience more clearly than any other life experiences. It stood out as memorable because there was obviously no human that this experience could be credited to. I was alone, and I was the last person to leave rehearsal that day. Not a soul was on that street, that day, and I knew no other people who lived in that neighborhood. The friend whose house I was leaving hadn't gone to the car with me, and she was totally unaware of what had happened because she was in the house!

Nothing else like this has ever happened to me.

Sounds like an angel to me, and a Merry and Sacred Christmas to you all!


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