Meditation Exercises: November 18- 29, 2008

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Meditation Exercises: November 18- 29, 2008

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Meditation Exercises and the Title Page of ‘Visits With Angels’: A Mystic’s Journal: November 18- 29, 2008


Image: Book cover for Visits With Angels

Tuesday, November 18

Came across a wonderful review of Realms of Light that I had misplaced. Asked Serge to post it.

An e-mail from Diana: she’s up late working on angels’ wings. She says the interviews came out well and she will mail me the disc.

Wednesday, November 19

Last week my aide again mentioned that she wanted to lose weight. She has gained weight since her father died, many pounds. I asked if she wanted to learn to meditate, and she quickly answered, “Yes”. I told her that I would give her preparatory exercises. First I told her to inwardly say “I am the soul” throughout the day. Especially when under stress, but at other times as well. Just for a few moments, and to image herself as a being of radiant Light as she said the words. This exercise can bring us to full Enlightenment, or sainthood, even without meditation. But it is also a wonderful preparation for actual meditation, and a very safe exercise.

As I have said before in these Journal entries, I will never post how to meditate on any website. We all need a personal Teacher. I can say what not to do: it is dangerous to stare at candles, or anything else, for more than a second or two - and do not hold your breath as you meditate. It is also not a good idea to empty your mind of all thoughts for extended lengths of time. It is better to say a short phrase, such as “I am the soul” here and there - unless you are an advanced meditator and the Divine Itself empties your mind of all thoughts for you. And if the Divine empties your mind of all thoughts - it will replace those thoughts with Something Else that is unmistakably Grace and which occupies your attention fully. In short: to empty your mind of all thoughts for an extended period - is merely giving yourself a blank mind for an extended period. A blank mind - in itself - is nothing to strive for, not unless something Greater comes in.

And this is one reason why we all need a personal Teacher. A Teacher can help you on the path of meditation, determine when it is best to strive for no thoughts, or when it is best to say a short phrase. If we stop saying our phrase too soon - it can hold us back on the path or even send us backwards or into dangerous territory. If we continue saying the phrase when we are ready for contemplation - then we are holding ourselves back on the path. And a good Teacher will help us know what to do and when.

Then I told her that when she came across a piece of candy or ice cream - or some other food or portion she should not be eating - to inwardly tell herself that she did not like that food, in fact she simply did not want it. She only had to change her thoughts about food. She said: “ How long will it take?” I answered that in my case it took a moment, a second or two. She looked very surprised. A bit amused, I explained that this was a form of mind control, and needed on the spiritual path. I asked her to close her eyes and image candy that she craved - and then do the exercise, i.e. “I no longer like this candy, I simply do not want it”. And then to say: “I am the soul”. She closed her eyes and for several minutes did the exercise; I admired the seriousness in which she approached my suggestion.

When she left my house I watched her through one of the front windows, and she was radiating brilliant, white luminous Light.

Tuesday, November 25

Diana’s disc of our interviews on Visits With Angels arrived today I the mail; will ask Johnny if he will transcribe them. Then I will post them.

Saturday, November 29
10 pm

An e-mail from Diana: she is steadily working on the book. She enclosed the title page for Visits With Angels. If I could figure out how to do it, I would post it.

For those of you who are interested: you can now see my paintings on I added a soundtrack, so you can listen to tracks from my new CD, 'Images', while you are there. Feel free to look around, sign the Guest Book - and I hope you return here when you are done!

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