Finding our Way out of the Dark Night of the Soul: Oct 2008

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Finding our Way out of the Dark Night of the Soul: Oct 2008

Post by figaro » Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:37 pm

Finding our Way out of the Dark Night of the Soul: Conversations With Andrew: A Mystic’s Journal Entries: October 18-19, 2008

Saturday, October 18

Finally had time to respond to Andrew’s last e-mail question. He had written me some days ago:

“ Hello Laurie

Last week you said that you received a vision of me and how this dark night will soon be over. I was wanting to know, if it's ok with you, if would share more about this vision. What was it like? What did you see? Thanks Laurie. Have a good night.

Andrew ”

After some reflection, I wrote back:

“ Hello dear Andrew and thank you for all your messages and greetings! The vision of you arose spontaneously in my inner eye as I sent you healing - and you were entirely made of radiant Light and filled with tremendous Joy.

That Radiant Light is your True Self. It is more a matter of consciously connecting with who you truly Are. More Healing and angels and a few saints on the way again tonight.
Laurie ”

A. responded:

“ Hi Laurie. That sounds really encouraging. I pray that it happens soon. Thanks again.

Andrew ”

I quickly wrote him back:

“ Hello dear Andrew! The point is: you are already there. You just don't know it. What I saw IS you. Now and in the future. ”

Sunday, October 19

A new e-mail message from Andrew today:

“ Hi Laurie. So I'm there. What do I do to understand this change that is taking place or realize it? Thanks.

Andrew ”

I answered:

“ Hello dear Andrew! It's a hard concept for us all - that we are the soul and all its Joy and Radiance - and that the soul is our true Self.

Just continue the exercise I gave you: “I am the soul”, repeated throughout the day. Or “I am a being of Light”. And meditate when you can.

Since you appeared to me in the soul state, it tells me that you are already coming out of the Dark Night of the soul. I am only trying to make it all more conscious for you, hopefully to speed it all up.

Laurie ”

When I saw Andrew inwardly, he had a radiance we could barely imagine here on earth. If only we all knew who we truly Are ... I was seeing him in the soul state, but I assume that my clairvoyant image was also signaling that he would soon enter the Illuminative Period. The entry into the second Stage of the Interior Life usually is gradual, and not without its ups and downs. But towards the end of the Illuminative Period we can already have Glimpses of Mystical Union and ecstacy. So even small steps into the Stage of the Interior Life are actually huge strides in our spiritual development.

Getting through the first Dark Night is truly a Leap of Faith: we have not yet experienced the soul or the Divine tangibly, consciously. It is only at the very end of the Dark Night, in the transition to the Illuminative Period, that we begin to experience the Presence of our own soul. And even though at the end of the Dark Night patience wears thin, a part of us also knows that we are embarking on a new and better Journey ...

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