Shared Dreams: September 11, 2008

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Shared Dreams: September 11, 2008

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Image: On the way to Owego.

Shared Dreams: A Mystic’s Journal Entries: September 11-23, 2008

Thursday, September 11

Dinner with two of my meditators, Pam and Serge. After dinner we walked a bit downtown, and I asked if they remembered the night in class when we walked down the street sending healing to all the beings and houses as we passed them. That was after they had received some training in healing, healing classes. I knew they would remember; I was more reminding them to send healing as they walked down the street or drove, as they entered a room ...

I have begun rewriting We Meet in Dreams in earnest.

Friday, September 12

Interestingly enough, today I received a message from someone with an example of a shared dream. In a shared dream, more than one person goes to the same realm or place on earth while asleep. I will speak more about shared dreams in We Meet in Dreams. This message was from a fellow in Europe:

“ Dear Ms Conrad

My name is Alessio, I write from Italy. Since last Christmas my grandmother has been ill with a disease that caused her much pain, until she died in June. She was 86 and we all knew it was time to say goodbye. The last months of her life she refused to get up of her bed, and to eat as well.

One night while she was still alive I've dreamt I was with her in the kitchen of her house, where all our family used to have lunch together. It wasn't lunchtime in that dream, though, and all I can remember is she was leaving the room and smiling; I was at one side of the table.

Some days later I told about my dream to my brother, and he told me he had dreamt the same thing. He also recalls my grandmother had being saying some things, but he recalls a blue dress in/stead of a gray one. The astonishing thing is, he remembers I was there as well, and he confirms I was with him by the same side of the table I told him!

I'm her first nephew and there's always been a deep bond between us. Sometimes I still can feel a warming presence when I think about her. I hope she's well now.

When she was ill I tried to be by her side as I could (I live hundreds of km away, near to my brother). One night I recall I was praying for her, and caressing her hair in my imagination. The morning after my mother told me my grandmother asked her hair to be combed, which was an unusual request given the situation. Then I thought my prayers have been reaching her.

I had some other experiences as well so I'm waiting for the publication of your latest book "We Meet in Dreams"!


This is a good example of a shared dream, especially since Alessio’s brother saw him in his “dream” and agreed where Alessio sat at the table during the meal. In my view, this dream was an actual visit to another place on earth while asleep, not a psychological dream. I had better work harder on this book: several people have sent me good examples of these special dreams in the last week or two. And one person was confused about her “nightmares”, which were really dream visits to lower realms.

Saturday, September 13

Went to Owego to bring the gallery there more paintings. Simon took six new ones. On the way back we stopped to take photographs, beauty everywhere, in the fields and meadows, the forests, the mountains ... We were surrounded by Beauty. A grey day with bursts of showers and sun, some haze, as though chapters in a book were written as we traveled. Distances. Inner and outer distances ...

Friday, September 19
Windgarth/ midnight

Our friends JB and N are staying upstairs this week. We arrived at Windgarth in time for dinner tonight. Jude made soup and bread, we brought the rest. After dinner, Paul the plumber came to fix the downstairs gas stove and the leaky faucet. Wind and whitecaps, curled waves along the shore ... Built a small fire on the pebbled beach, marshmallows on sticks, sparklers on the dock. Then a walk together to the Point. The sound of the waves and the wind, and the rising moon and its light reflected in the water foremost in my mind as the scenes of the evening changed and flowed from moment to moment, event to event. Now everyone is asleep and I am alone with the waves and the wind ...

Cold, in the forties tonight. I brought We Meet in Dreams with me, to work on.

Tuesday, September 23

Am receiving more unsolicited “dreams” from healees through the Distant Healing Network, many which are suitable for We Meet in Dreams. I have now completed some chapters and reworked the Table of Contents, reorganized the material. I also am now asking people for sample dreams that they feel might be visits to others realms or other places on earth.

Diana e-mailed that she is ready to start formatting Visits With Angels. E-mailed her the manuscript. Suddenly all goes forward, after so many months of pleasantly treading water. I always trust the timing of events. After a big gap often things proceed at breakneck speed, so I try to savor the lulls ...

Until more dream material comes my way I will continue with the book the best I can.

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