The Presence of Our Lady in the Garden: March 24 -May 24, 08

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The Presence of Our Lady in the Garden: March 24 -May 24, 08

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Image: a bit south of Windgarth. ( )

The Presence of Our Lady in the Garden: A Mystic’s Journal Entries: March 24 - May 24, 2008

Monday, March 24

Received another e-mail from my new friend in Australia:

“so i would have my physical body right now, and also an ideal quantum type body....a perfect blueprint if i can get past the crude matter body + the blueprint for my crude i have to get past body, then past spirit changing/karmic body to spirit eternal perfect body... one might say. ?? ”

I answered:

“Insightful. Yes, we must change our thoughts about the body, about all things and beings. And, since you are anorexic: also our thoughts about food. Know all to be the Divine Light, the Divine Essence.

Yogananda met a Yogi who could eat and drink poisons with no ill effects - he first changed them to God, to the Divine Light. The Divine is the very substratum of our material universe. The only True Reality. The Essence of everything in this universe is really the Divine Light. Some physicists have already determined the basis of all matter to be light; in quantum physics, individual consciousness becomes a factor. These scientists are getting close to a true Understanding of our ‘material’ universe... One day scientists might realize that the substratum of our universe is Divine Consciousness, Divinity Itself.

Even having the knowledge that we are not the physical body, often it is hard to apply it, live it ... That is the test, isn't it - to live it ...

In Philosophy, the physical body is only a bunch of thoughts ... In the Philosophic life, believing the body to be material, physical - crude matter - is only the ego’s perception, and considered materialistic ... Luminous beings are we ... which includes the so-called physical body. The physical body is within the soul - not the other way around ....

Put another way: your healthy self is your True Self.

Christ knew the physical vehicle, the physical body is at Essence the Divine Light, the soul. That the physical body does not ultimately exist as crude matter - and proved it to us in the Transfiguration.”

Tuesday, March 25

Received an e-mail from a new Healee, through the Distant Healing Network. She appears to be a deeply spiritual person and is now facing a difficult personal dilemma. I wrote:

“Hello! Thank you for your message. From what you have written, I can see that you have developed a very high degree of personal empathy and sympathy, compassion for other sentient and insentient beings - but these personal feelings must be brought to a higher octave. To leave them where they are could even become dangerous for you - and/or for others.

The Higher Love and Compassion always contain Wisdom - which personal empathy and sympathy do not have. The Wisdom is that we are the soul and others are the soul - and to stand back and try to truly see what is best for everyone and the situation. To try to see the Divine Plan and the Divine Ideas running through all lives - not wallow in our personal emotions. And to leave all up to the soul and to God. To ask the Divine, God, to act through us always; try to align ourselves with the soul's vision.

If we come from our small hearts alone, we are limiting the situation and also our ability to help the situation or person.”

Saturday, April 26

Went to the Amish today, to buy flats of flowers, mainly annuals. Raked for some hours at Windgarth, not yet finished. I raked, M. ran the wheelbarrow up and down the back lawn, either empty or full of leaves. A huge pile of leaves waiting to be burned when the wind is blowing east.

Tuesday, May 1

A chance of frost tonight so I brought the flats of flowers we bought yesterday inside. They are all over the house ... An e-mail from Dave the physicist - he will be here in late May.

Saturday, May 3

Went to Windgarth and did more raking. We had to burn the leaves, the existing pile was dangerously large and dangerously near the dock. The wind was blowing the wrong way, so I followed the way of St. Francis and asked Brother Wind to change direction - and the wind did change direction, the smoke now headed east out towards the lake. Larry came by and said the wind was supposed to be an west wind, or he would have burned the leaves for us earlier in the day. I told him I had spoken to Brother wind. Larry went onto his dock, and the wind changed to a bit more southerly, away from Larry and still over the lake ...

Monday, May 5

A beautiful day, in the sixties and sunny - no yellow jackets. Out in the front gardens, clearing space around the Stella d’Oro lilies - suddenly the unmistakable and intense fragrance of roses. A few minutes later, walking toward the corner the same supernatural fragrance and Presence of Our Lady.

The roses will not bloom for many weeks yet ... In fact, the tulips are still blooming, and some daffodils ...

Saturday, May 24

I’ve already collapsed twice now this month, from the heat. Today I just repeated: “I am the soul, I am Radiant Light - I am not the physical body”. After a while I became the Radiant Light and could proceed with my day.

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