Sandals on the Spiritual Path

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Sandals on the Spiritual Path

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Image: Elisabeth and Ian at Christmas. I had given Ian a small capsule that when put in water would grow into a towel. Here Ian is waiting for it to morph. It did.

Friday, February 29

Still trying to catch up on posting A Mystic’s Journal ... Realms of Light is now available on my website and at Amazon. I considered not posting these Journal entries, since they are in the past - but then decided to delete them would leave a gap.

Wednesday, January 2

Carolyn and the children came for New Year’s Eve. We did New Years crackers and wore paper hats. Laughter ...

Thursday, January 3

Mailed Diana Section I. of Visits With Angels to format. Am working hours a day on the book, the final edit before it goes to the publisher. When I am done I will send it to Diana, so she can work on the graphics and formatting.

A friend was complaining about errands and tasks that needed to be done each week; I said that if she offered them up to God - every task, even the smallest, most insignificant, would be sacred. Her husband looked at me and said “You lead a very holy life, don’t you.” His comment caught me a bit by surprise; I had to inwardly backtrack. For me now, to put God first and into all that I do - brings such great Joy. Therefore, I am more drawn to Live with Him throughout the day because it brings me such Joy. But yes, of course: my Goal is to lead a Holy Life. And from my point of view, I fall very short of this Goal ... Although, I am trying.

Saturday, January 5

Worked on the Angels volume again tonight. Three out of the four sections are now virtually done, edited. Diana has begun work on the graphics. The final reedits and proofs are the hardest because I have read those sentences so many times - I feel that every one in the world must already know this information. And so I feel like throwing the entire book out. I must admit that it takes more than a small measure of self-discipline just to proceed ...

Wednesday, January 9
6 p.m.

My publisher wrote to tell me the galleys of Realms of Light are online, and a printed version will arrive in my mailbox within two weeks. Told Diana, so she can check the graphics online. Will write Serge, to update the figarobooks website.

Saturday, January 12

More work on Visits With Angels. Diana is still working on the graphics, her initial ideas.

Sunday, January 13

Trudy called. She received a book for Christmas, and the inscription was a quote from the Desert Fathers. She said that since then the supernatural aromas have returned; she was aware of them three times today.

I asked her to bring the book to class this Wednesday.

Monday, January 14

An e-mail from my friend H.: she has had a terrible break with someone she has been very close to for many years. She said some harsh words to her friend as the friendship ended. Emotionally crushed, my friend woke up in hives. I sent them both angels and Healing and wrote her back:

“I have no advice - outwardly - for you and your friend. Only you know what to do outwardly. But inwardly: remember that you are the soul and she is the soul - and on that level of our being everything is fine. There all is the Higher Love and Light and all the Understanding and Compassion that belongs to the soul. The rest - the harsh words, the difficult ins and outs of the relationship in the world - is only the personality, ego. When things aren't working out in the world, try to go to that deeper level of being - where all the Love is.”

Which is good advice for all of us, always ....

Tuesday, January 15

Another e-mail from my friend H today :

“As usual, I feel more aware of Love than most people I know... and, of course, more aware of the LACK of it too. Such is our cross to bear in this life, on this world, in this body.

I'm not a perfect Love Delivery System either, and have surely demonstrated that to myself effectively this past week !”

I wrote back:

“Thank you for the chuckle, about the Love Delivery System. Humbling isn’t it. The Higher Love is the only solution. Even when we think we are standing in the Higher Love - the events and circumstances of life manage to prove to us that we are not yet fully there ...

I think you are already often aware of the Divine Presence. But the Higher Love I am speaking of here surrounds and fills us and then radiates outwards towards others - but our own hearts must be open or it cannot. We have to allow our hearts to keep breaking open, open, open, so that our own small hearts become the perfect vehicle for the Divine Love to flow through us to others.

Our Lady, in one of Her appearances in South America, told the visionary there that the other people present could not see Her because their hearts were closed, hardened... ”

My friend answered:

“This helps....... I just wish I knew how to push myself through the next breakthrough.... knew what to do. Maybe it's more about "being" than "doing" ? "

I responded:

“It is both. For me: I had to have my heart broken by someone I deeply loved. And then I had to realize that personal love was only the Doorway to a Higher, more perfect Love. And so I turned in that direction. But it took much reflection and effort and time.
We have to keep our hearts open to our fellow creatures on earth, and also make God the very Center of our Life and the soul the center of our existence. That is how we find the Higher Love and Compassion. Otherwise we impose all our needs and demands on our fellow creatures, needs and desires that they cannot possibly fill. This makes us angry and disappointed and them as well.”

Wednesday, January 23

The galley to Realms of Light finally arrived in the mail today. Will send all the graphics and photographs pages to Diana for her to check. We are nearing the end, finally. M. has agreed to final proof the Visits With Angels manuscript so I can send it off to Diana for formatting. I am almost ready to hand A Mystic’s Journal and A Composer’s Journal over to my editor. We will both decide independently which entries or portions of entries will be included in those two volumes - and proof for mistakes. Then together make the final decisions. For a musician and composer, I certainly do a lot of writing with words ...

Thursday, January 24

Received an e-mail from a friend who is facing death and very fearful, afraid. I sent him a few sentences from Realms of Light and offered to send him the manuscript. He wrote back that the few sentences I sent him had given him some rays of hope - and he wants to read the book when it is published. His response made all our hard work and various efforts at excellence worthwhile, even if no one else ever reads Realms of Light. Of course, my hope is that the book will reassure and help many people ...

Friday, January 25

One of the meditators, Laurel, said she had three short whiffs of the supernatural fragrances the other night, when she first sat down to meditate in Wednesday’s class - roses. It happened to me also, last night, upstairs. Roses mixed with mhyrr. As I experienced this I was surrounded and filled, very powerfully, with the Divine Presence and Love.

This is what we are all seeking, this Divine Presence and powerful, Divine Love. Nothing on earth can equal it, not even remotely. The aim of all spiritual paths is to carry this Presence with us always ...

How we get there is a mystery, and the result of Grace - but there are established and tried spiritual methods and practices that can help us to get there. In my opinion, the two main - of the spiritual Path are prayer and meditation - “mental prayer”, in Saint Teresa of Avila’s terminology. But there are other - for the spiritual seeker: and a very important one is the aspiration to know God and the soul, the aspiration to do God’s Will. I would say that was our Staff on the spiritual Path. Our Cape would be our spiritual exercises - our practices of watching our thoughts, thoughts which then lead to emotions and actions, keeping them pure and holy. Remembering the soul and God throughout our day, trying to communicate with the soul and God, making the soul and God the Center of our lives. And our sandals on the Path would be putting these spiritual practices into action ... i.e. Living them.

If we wish spiritual Graces, we must ask for them: by our actions and spiritual practices, but also by asking for them directly. Some people say we should not ask God for small things or material things. But I say we should ask God for everything, everything, Everything. For even in the asking we are speaking to the soul and God, deepening our relationship with the soul and God. And as I wrote those words, the unmistakable scent of roses and myrrh ... And an undefinable fruitlike scent suddenly and gently surrounding me ...

I would be curious to know how many people reading this entry will also experience the Divine Fragrances ...

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