Advent: December 11 - 16, 2007

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Advent: December 11 - 16, 2007

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Friday, February 29

Still trying to catch up on posting A Mystic’s Journal ... Realms of Light is now available on my website and at Amazon. I considered not posting these next two entries, since they are in the past - but then decided to delete them would leave a gap. Time and space are not as we think of them in any case ... So I have included them - and I hope you enjoy them ...

Tuesday, December 11

Diana e-mailed me the Postludes, Table of Contents and back cover to proof. Her other work is done and now we can finish formatting Realms of Light. Found a few mistakes.

Someone sent us a Christmas card with an Advent calendar of sorts as the cover. We open a small window every night. It is fun - and there is also a holiness about it ... even our little Christmas card with the minuscule windows. One night a sketched snowflake, another night a gingerbread man ... And yet it is the marking of the days that is so wonderful, and the joy of the small mystery of the evening: what is behind that small, very small little window tonight ...

Wednesday, December 12

I believe our work on Realms of Light is done. Off to the publisher it goes. Diana (Souza) is done with her work and Realms of Light will soon be in the hands of the publisher. I will still need to reproof the publisher's galleys, but hopefully all will go quickly and well.

M. leaves tomorrow for California, a conference, for five days.

Thursday, December 13
1 p.m.

M. left at dawn to catch an earlier plane; it is snowing heavily and all flights are now cancelled. There must be no wind today; the flakes are falling straight down, unhampered, almost listless - although there is an intensity to the very persistence of their fall. Judging from the rooftops out the window, we have already received almost four inches ... I had best get out the snow shovel.

Now that the work on Realms of Light is temporarily finished, it is time to resume work on Visits With Angels. There will be some rewriting; have already scribbled some notes in the margins. And decisions need to be made on what interviews to include. Often I wish the angels would make the corrections, without my help ...

Friday, December 14

It warmed up over night, and all the snow has melted away, vanished. My shoveling efforts were for naught. Sent The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants off to a magazine who had requested a copy. Dinner with Larry tonight; I will ask him for a photograph of Cindy and I in the gardens. There are some of Cindy in her lavender nightdress and I in my pajamas, digging a new plot a bit after dawn. Well, I was digging, Cindy was watching ... We were putting her new heather plants in, out front, by the road. Now I see her dressed in her October work clothes, a navy jumpsuit, telling me to take the seaweed from the lake and put it around all the plants .... Which I did. She taught me so much about life at the lake; there are prime times to gather seaweed.

Saturday, December 15

Chris and Sarah came by; Chris had made a pasta dish, and they brought it with them to eat together at my house. Began snowing after they left; shoveled.

Sunday, December 16
7:30 p.m.

Some carolers came by and sang; at first it sounded like Gregorian chant. The snow stopped; shoveled. As soon as I finished shoveling the snow began again, large wet flakes. Walked toward the corner, towards the Spensers; they have new decorations this year, reindeer with small clear lights. I stood there gazing at their lights and listened to the sound of the falls, the snow all around me. Magical. Sacred.

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