Healing from Our Lady and Angels: March 13 - April 7, 2007

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Healing from Our Lady and Angels: March 13 - April 7, 2007

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Healing from Our Lady and Angels: A Mystic’s Journal Entries: March 13 - April 7, 2007


Tuesday, March 13

Walked to a doctor’s appointment in town; over seventy degrees today, with possible snow later in the week. Met a yellow jacket within a few minutes, at Millie’s house, circling my left arm. I thought of the yellow jacket who dive-bombed my left arm last fall, in the supermarket parking lot. He/she must have had quite a headache after that experience. I was stung in the left elbow last July; interesting. Are these small friends trying to get my attention, trying to tell me they understand? I have never seen so many yellow jackets ... Now they are everywhere I go. I am inwardly reminding them that if they sting me I could die; there must be no more accidents. On the way home I saw another yellow jacket on a corner; I said, “be careful, there can be no accidents” & it immediately flew away. I had just spoken to a dog tied up to a fence about Heaven and St. Francis. The dog’s aura was terrible. Sent him healing. The dog was now sitting like a good dog & still watching me. I inwardly sent all the yellow jackets healing & spoke of Peace to their leader. And I asked God for protection. There is nothing else I can do ...

Sunday, March 25

I was watching a television show on Louise and I rehearsing a new song, a few months before she died - in fact, it was the last time I saw her. It was a song I had written for the Healing of the earth, a tonal tune for soprano and baritone voices. Since that rehearsal I have never played the song - I probably would have much trouble finding it in all the stacks of music in the living room. “We are living in the ruins of a Divine Idea” is one of the beginning lines. Then, towards the end: “You think my Love won’t find you, but it will. You think I do not know you, but I do. My heart is so small, yet holds the whole earth. If only I could tell you of the Love the Divine Beings have for you. If you cannot feel Their Love, then take mine. Look inside and find the burning Love that connects all Hearts. Perhaps then the world will heal.” I should write all the words down.

I had written those words, and the song not long after my car accident. On the television show I was still wearing bandages on both arms - I had forgotten that my arms were also injured. I had also forgotten the words to the song - and the words brought back the inner place I was living in after the accident, a place difficult to describe. I was still so injured, and the Love of the Universe itself seemed to be filling me.

In any case, what struck me very forcibly - well, shockingly - was that I did not recognize Louise. Well, I knew it was Louise - but it was not Louise. She was too physical, thick - material. Too cramped, confined to a shape and colors. I am now so used to relating to her as a being of radiant Light - and frankly it was disappointment, a shock to see her on videotape. This is not true of her voice; or her paintings, the shows on her paintings. There she is still Louise.

As I write this I am thinking of when she superimposed herself on her sister Jude, at Windgarth House last spring. That was Louise and during those moments she was alive, fully Alive.

The last time I watched this television show was many years ago, and I did not have the same reaction then. Our relationship has changed over the years ... Now I more easily relate to Louise’s true being, her Light - than her old material, physical form. As a being of Light - she still looks like Louise, but is infinitely more beautiful ... It would be almost impossible to describe.

I have been struggling physically these past weeks, and more than once I have prayed to Our Lady for healing - and received it. The first time this happened, the thought ran through my mind that we all receive miraculous cures, and often - but are just not aware of it. I think this thought was put into my mind by Our Lady Herself, and that is why I have written it here. I also think in some instances the complete healing is given to us before the reinjury or illness even manifests in us. And many accidents are averted, without our knowing.

Monday, March 26

The doctor reinjured me today - I can barely stand up. It feels like my head injuries: extreme dizziness and an inner spinning; nausea.

Tuesday, March 27

This afternoon an angel came and healed me. Suddenly my head was filled with Light and the dizziness stopped. I could think again.

Thursday, March 29

Went to my usual doctor’s appointment and this time she worked on my neck and jaw. The dizziness and nausea have returned and I can barely stand up. I became so discouraged I just sat on the living room couch and cried.

Saturday, March 31

Worked in the gardens for an hour or so, in the afternoon - I felt it was cold enough, although sunny. Before I went outside, I inwardly told the yellow jackets that there could be no accidents - they had to stay away from my gardens while I worked today. I saw none, and happily worked, raking and making piles of leaves and branches from the gardens. The many sorts of croci and early irises are in bloom, just breathtaking in the sun ... I was getting tired but thought I would do one more patch when a small yellow jacket alit on a crocus basically right under my nose. I studied him/her and inwardly said - “You are a yellow jacket, what are you doing here?” The small creature seemed to look uncomfortable, perhaps a bit afraid - anxious. I walked away a few steps and inwardly laughed and said: “Okay, I’ll go inside. The gardens are now yours.” On the way to the house I thought that this would not be such a bad system: for them to send one - and therefore manageable - yellow jacket emissary to tell me my time in the gardens was up ....

Monday, April 2

Went to the Church tonight, a Reconciliation service. I could barely walk. After the service, I looked at the painting of Our Lady over the altar: my mother’s face superimposed itself, in Light, over the face of Our Lady in the painting. M. thinks this was a message, that my mother is with Our Lady in Heaven. It could have also have been Our Lady telling me that now She is my Mother. Or perhaps it was both messages ...

Afterwards we went to dinner and then walked back to the Church. As we approached an angel appeared before me and again healed me: my head suddenly filled with radiant Light, my balance was restored and I could walk easily and think easily. It seemed to be the same radiant Being I had met there some months ago ... If only I could maintain what I am feeling now.

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