New Book "We Meet in Dreams" Now at the Printer's 2/6/2012

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New Book "We Meet in Dreams" Now at the Printer's 2/6/2012

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Image: Our kitchen shelf.

Monday, February 6

Today sixty degrees, sunny and no clouds - just blue sky and light everywhere. Now that the book is in the hands of the publisher I have begun to practice piano again in earnest.

Decided to set aside Thursday evenings, in March, April and May to play Liszt, Debussy, Schubert Impromptus and other pieces for friends. Several people requested it, and I find it a pleasing idea. Public concerts can come later, possibly at the end of spring - but in the meanwhile musical gatherings here on cold snowy evenings sound very appealing.

Diana has heard nothing from the publisher, nor have I.

Tuesday, February 7

Colder today, cloudy, a bit of rain and mist on the hills... A flurry of e-mails and phone calls from the publisher and now we have a design team in place for the book. The new team wanted me to approve their work on the covers and spine and for one of Diana's small icons that was substandard size - I put them in touch with Diana. The galley of the manuscript should be ready in ten days to two weeks. My publisher's representative e-mailed that the printing team will set the price for the book - and the price will reflect the number of pages in the book. Which prompted some rather bold statements and opinions from Diana, who wanted me to change publishers after our work on Realms of Light.

Walking tonight, I came across a tree sporting small clear lights wrapped around the trunk and the lower branches, with large candy canes over a foot long and huge brightly colored Christmas balls, hanging from the tree branches. Further along, on the next block another, smaller tree with light blue lights... Beacons of cheer on a cold starless night...

Wednesday, February 8

An e-mail from Diana: She is trying to correct a few minor glitches on the covers and spine caused by our publisher's design team.

Wednesday, February 15

The galley of We Meet in Dreams arrived today from the publisher. An e-mail from Diana: she has objections to the publisher's page - our design team made changes she does not approve of. She wrote: "Just leave the instructions for this tweaking transaction to me ." I wrote back: "Well of course, I will leave this all up to you - it's all Greek to me." As soon as Diana approves it, the manuscript file will go to the Printer. Reviewing the galley, I am again struck by the beauty of Diana's overall design and formatting of the text. Personally, I think she has done her best work in this volume...

As for my writing - none of my published books are poetry or even literary. I wrote The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants to possibly raise awareness of our human responsibility in regard to the animals and plants of Earth - and also to discuss my methods of Divine Healing and the miracles I so often see. Realms of Light was written at the request of several people sent to me from the Distant Healing Network, to reassure people that there is an afterlife. Visits With Angels I wrote to thank the Holy Angels and other Divine Beings and saints for all that I have been shown and given. We Meet in Dreams was written in response to both friends and healees who were confused about their dreams and the nature of their dreams, especially their 'nightmares' - which in my view were actually visits to lower realms while they were asleep. My advice: don't go to those realms, and I give suggestions on how to stop night excursions to lower realms. These special dreams - whether to lower or middle or high realms while asleep - need to be analyzed differently than our 'regular' or psychological dreams, and I hope some therapists also read my little book ... We Meet in Dreams carefully explains how to distinguish these special dreams from 'ordinary' psychological dreams, and has within it more than one checklist to clarify the differences. Whether I achieved what I set out to accomplish in these small books made of words and sentences and paragraphs - I might never know. But hopefully they will inspire and clarify, bring people closer to Truths already alive in the soul, dust off some inner windows and maybe even open a few inner Doors...

In any case, now that these books are published and in the world, and I intend to continue to write A Mystic's Journal - and hopefully I can now return to writing poetry, possibly words to future songs I will write...

Even as I wrote that last paragraph I inwardly thought: sometimes that which we most enjoy creating - is not our greatest contribution to the world ...

Saturday, February 18

An e-mail from one of my new meditators: "When I was walking home today, I experienced something that has not happened to me in many years. I'm not sure what to think of it, so I thought I would share it with you. I was crossing the street near Washington Park between Buffalo and Court Streets and I stepped into what I can only describe as a rose-scented cloud." She then asked if I thought it might have been Our Lady, the Madonna. I wrote my student back immediately and said yes, undoubtedly it was Our Lady. These wondrous fragrances continue...

Wednesday, February 22

A beautiful warm, sunny day, over fifty degrees. Went in the back gardens to clean up a bit and crocuses are in bloom, many of them, purple with yellow tongues... Unheard of for Ithaca in February...

Thursday, February 23

Diana is still negotiating with the publisher, this time disagreement over the copyright page.

Another e-mail from my student in Trinidad. He wrote: "Laurie, I would like you to expand on a statement you made to me in one of the early emails. You said that you are not interested in finding any - truth except the ones you have experienced in high mystical experiences. Please expand on this and perhaps show its lesson therein for me."

I wrote back: "The only - Truths - are those found in the high mystical experiences. And they are not intellectual truths."

Friday, February 24

E-mails from our publisher's design team and Diana: The needed changes to the copyright page were made and Diana signed off on the galley. I gave my approval as well. So now the manuscript is in the hands of the printers.

Tuesday, February 28

Tonight cold and clear; a crescent moon trailing two stars... A friend of M's from South Africa is staying with us for a few days; walking to a nearby restaurant for dinner, suddenly the fragrance of roses, like a cloud surrounding the three of us. I asked if anyone else was aware of the scent of roses, and we all were - and it was very strong. M. had been telling her friend about our meditation classes Wednesday nights when the fragrance began... A few moments later we met my meditator Nancy, on her way home - she and her daughter were present when fragrances began again in my kitchen, when my friend Patrice was here some months ago. We told Nancy there were supernatural fragrances of roses just around the corner and so she hurried off. I think the fragrances tonight were for M's friend from South Africa, a Heavenly "hello" from Our Lady...

Wednesday, February 29

Nancy came to meditation class tonight, and I asked her if the supernatural fragrance of roses was still there, around the corner, on her walk home last night. She said yes, and that the scent was very strong. Not long after this discussion at the start of class, I turned to walk towards the kitchen - and there was a new, very strong scent of an unusual sweetness where Laurel had been sitting during our hour of meditation. It was not a supernatural fragrance I was familiar with, and at first I thought it might be the scent of myrrh. I remarked on it - and within a few minutes every person in class either had a whiff or a strong lingering experience of it. We decided it was not roses, by rather a sweet/spicy/woodsy fragrance. At that point Laurel said that three weeks ago at Mass she had experienced the same scent and somehow knew that it was Padre Pio. I thought that interesting because just earlier today I was thinking about Padre Pio, and the various fragrances associated with him - one being pipe tobacco. And on reflection, the fragrance tonight was similar to a sweet pipe tobacco. Perhaps Padre Pio has also been paying us some visits here and there...

Saturday, March 3

Sitting in church today before Mass, after my initial prayers, a string of fragrances: various flowers, roses, incense, myrrh. None lasted too long, a few moments, but some were quite strong.
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