Unexpected Visits from Our Lady of Fatima

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Unexpected Visits from Our Lady of Fatima

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A Mystic’s Journal Entries: November 9 - 16, 2011.


Image: The photograph of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, on our kitchen table.

Wednesday, November 9

My childhood chum Patrice is here for nine days, from California - we haven’t seen each other since we were twelve years old or so; then she was called Patsy. A remarkable person and a remarkable relationship. Now that she is here, I find it hard to believe she has not always been in my life, on some level of being... Still: the physical reality of her visit is quite wonderful, and I am immensely grateful for it.

Thursday, November 10

Patrice and I were sitting at the downstairs kitchen table, talking about many things earlier tonight - when suddenly she asked if I had candles somewhere. She said she was distinctly aware of the scent of candles. I asked if the aroma was of roses; she thought for a moment and said, yes it was like roses and growing stronger. I told her it was most likely Our Lady, Our Heavenly Mother, and began to tell her of the supernatural fragrances we had in meditation class some years ago. Patrice looked at me and said she didn’t know if she believed in such things; she then said that the scent was disappearing. I said that was because of her lack of belief. My friend said, "But I want to believe it" - and a few moments later she looked at me with wonder and said that the scent of roses had returned and was stronger, becoming very strong - almost like a cheap perfume. I answered that yes, that was the fragrance we had associated with Our Lady in those meditation classes, so strong that I sometimes asked if someone in class was wearing perfume.

After a while Patrice turned to me again and said: "Oh my... I saw a psychic a few weeks ago, and she told me that I would smell roses, and that it meant that my mother was there..." Of course, my friend Patrice thought the psychic meant the fragrance of roses meant the presence of her earthly mother who had died some years ago - but it was really the perfume of Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother, that the psychic was referring to. I then told Patrice that at times the supernatural fragrances even followed us to Windgarth House, our house on the lake. Those supernatural fragrances began when we first studied the poems of the Desert Fathers in class, and they continued for over a year. Even now some of us receive whiffs, as did my beautiful friend Patrice tonight. It is still a mystery to me why suddenly the Gift of these supernatural fragrances began and continue, but I am certainly deeply grateful for them. What was unusual tonight is that I was not aware of the scent of roses, not even for a moment. Apparently tonight’s Heavenly Signal was solely for my friend Patrice.

Friday, November 11

Earlier today I had asked Monica and Nancy to help me plant spring daffodil and tulip bulbs in the garden tomorrow. Monica called to say they were not free tomorrow afternoon, and I asked if they could come over tonight, so I could show them the bulbs and how to plant them. They came right over from next door; Patrice was downstairs, and we were all talking, when suddenly I had a whiff of a supernatural fruit-like scent. Patrice said she also had a whiff; after a few moments both Monica and Nancy said the same. Then we all began to experience the fragrance of roses, alternating with the fruit-like scent. Both Monica and Nancy are my meditators, but they joined on after the supernatural fragrances had ceased in classes - so this was a new experience for them. Tonight the fragrances were weaker and more fleeting than last night - but definitely there. And tonight we all were aware of not only roses, but also of the fruit-like scent.

At one point Patrice looked at the clock and exclaimed in surprise that the supernatural scents had started at the same time last night, 10:30; they had stopped by eleven pm. At one point tonight Patrice and I were aware of the scents, but we had to wave towards Nancy and Monica before they could smell them. As in the past, it seems to depend where you are standing in the room; these fragrances are physical - and localized. Nancy said she did not want to leave, the fragrances were so special she did not want them to end. The supernatural scents ceased a little before eleven, just as they had last night.

Patrice came upstairs as I was typing this Journal entry and said: "What a special night!" And so it was.


Alone, at the kitchen table, Clarissa the cat my only incarnate company. A 10x12 inch color photograph of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and a smaller painting of Christ are propped up against the white ceramic vase filled with dried flowers, in their usual place on the table - and where these supernatural fragrances have begun these last few nights. I gaze at the photograph and smaller painting of Our Lord now, and say some inner prayers for the world and for all those on my healing list.

Outside, a gentle, round moon, thin, fragile, like a Communion wafer, moving against the clouds, illumined by the distant, invisible sun...

Saturday, November 12

Patrice and I waited downstairs for the scents at 10:30 - and she was aware of the scent of citrus. I had a brief whiff of roses.

Monday, November 14

Patrice has left for California, I was still asleep when she left this morning. A few e-mails from Diana: she is slowly reinstating herself in Dallas, both at home and at the Art Institute where she teaches. I assume she has not yet had time to work on, We Meet in Dreams, and so for the moment I myself have a chance to catch up on other work. Today gray skies and a bit of rain, after many days of sun and warmth and white clouds and blue sky...

Wednesday, November 16

Today very gray, rainy, mysterious, mystical... a bit of mist in the distance. Tonight an e-mail from Patrice: "I smelled the roses again, two, maybe three times today. It was brief, sudden and out of nowhere. WOW!!! I thought I smelled it on the plane yesterday, also." I wrote her back to say that I also had experienced a brief whiff of roses here and there, a few short greetings from Our Lady, fleeting Glimpses into a truer Reality and an Eternal Realm.

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