Read the Epilogue to 'Visits With Angels' Here !

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Read the Epilogue to 'Visits With Angels' Here !

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This last chapter, 'Walking on Stars', is also the Epilogue to the new book "Visits With Angels" :

Walking on Stars

I could not possibly write about all the meetings I have had with angels and saints, Our Lord and Our Lady, and other Divine Beings. More often than not, there are far more Higher Beings in the room with me than incarnate humans. Suffice it to say that They are with us always. We are never out of Their Sight or Awareness. We are never stranded or abandoned, not unless we ourselves cut our connection with God, intentionally turn from Him. And even so, if we again turn towards God, He is there for us.

Where we inwardly live and how we frame and direct our thoughts, is our life here on earth. If we think and speak mainly of God, and of other realms and beings in those higher realms - then that is where we will live.

What do I see? Sometimes I see Divine Beings, but I do not see them with my physical eyes, I see them with the eyes of the soul. At other times I see nothing at all, inwardly or outwardly, but I know Divine Beings are there. Sometimes they appear as brilliant, radiant Light. Sometimes I see their forms as transparent as air. Other times I only feel their presence.

Sometimes I will see a saint enter the room when I call on them; sometimes they will just appear before me. Occasionally they will transparently walk into me, merge with me, or walk by my side for a time. Sometimes they come as I pray and wordlessly give me a message. Other times they say nothing. Occasionally I will clairaudiently hear them speak to me, and their voices are nothing like the voices we have here on earth. This I cannot explain, except to say that they have a sweetness and a gentleness and yet a depth and power beyond all that we know here on earth. And one does not forget Their words, not for the rest of a lifetime filled with myriad forgotten impressions and images and thoughts.

There are many instances when I was not consciously aware of the presence of Our Lord. Our Lady or an angel or saint - but miraculous occurrences manifested in any case. The instances of these miracles would be far too numerous to relate in this small volume.

For these Healing miracles, either for others or for myself, sometimes I call on Our Lady, sometimes on Her Divine Son. Sometimes I rely on angels or saints - or I will inwardly kneel before God the Father or the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. At other times I will look within to the Holy Trinity, wordlessly. Sometimes I just inwardly or outwardly say: "Help". Sometimes I look into the Eyes of Our Lady, in the little statue of Her on our fireplace mantle - and I am fully healed. Once I wrapped a rosary around my injured wrists and was miraculously healed. The ways to Divine Healing are infinite, because God Himself is Infinite and encompasses all Divinity and all Divine Beings.

Ten or so years ago, I called on sweet Saint Philomena for healing. My arms were so injured after my car accident that I could not type the newsletters and prayers for The Living Rosary. In this instance, I merely spoke to her. I simply told her that I could not type what I had written unless my arms were healed. I was not aware of her presence, nor did I see her come - but a few moments after my request I experienced three flashes of Light in quick succession, each more intensely radiant than the one before. Following these, my arms were instantly healed, and the injuries never returned.

When I call on a saint for healing others, if they are allowed by God, they will come and Heal the being - often completely and lastingly. And at those times one can feel the Love as a tangible Presence filling the room.

Only once has a saint stood before me as a physical, material presence that I could actually touch. This was, I believe, St. Dymphna. I had fallen asleep on my living room floor, probably exhausted from practicing for a concert, and when I awoke the most beautiful woman was standing before me. It was not a vision nor my clairvoyance. She was standing there. The saint was entirely made of radiant Light, and I could see her as clearly as my own image in the mirror. She stood there before me for quite some time, smiling and beautiful - and then she slowly dissolved. Evaporated, in a way. I could still see traces of her Light and physical form after she had disappeared.

When Our Lord said to us: "Be in the world, but not of it", He basically meant that we should put our attention on God instead of the workings of the world. That we must see through this conventional reality at least philosophically, if not clairvoyantly.

The other night I was walking down the street with a friend, and a light snow was falling. In the lamplight myriad small crystals shone on the sidewalk before and beneath us. I said to my friend: "May you always walk on the stars." May we all walk on the stars, always. May we all remember that this realm is but fleeting and others are eternal, and even while incarnate here on earth we can live with God in higher realms.

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