More Miracles and Our Lady’s Message from Medjugorje

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More Miracles and Our Lady’s Message from Medjugorje

Post by figaro » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:33 pm

More Miracles and Our Lady’s Message: A Mystic’s Journal Entry: May 25, 2010

In one of Her recent messages to the world, Our Lady in Medjugorje told the visionaries: "You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting you can ward off wars, suspend natural laws.” In this message, as always, the Madonna was asking us to pray for the world.

But other natural laws can be suspended and manifest as miracles of healing. For those of you who are new to A Mystic’s Journal, I am a volunteer for the Distant Healing Network. The Distant Healing Network is comprised of 800 or more healers from all over the world who answer any healing request that is submitted to us. In my first little book, The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants, I speak about how I was taught to heal others, my first miracle, and other miracles since. Basically: we ask God to heal the person or animal or plant or other being, and trust that He has heard us. And then we say: “Thank you.” We also add: “If it is Thy Will”, because God knows best what is best for the soul, and we are not to interfere. The prayers do not have to be long or fancy: some of my biggest miracles have come about after a heartfelt, “Help!”. The depth of our own Love and Compassion is also a factor, and when Healing miracles are given - so is the Presence of Divine Love. Often the Presence of God’s Love and Compassion fills the entire room or house.

I have been given many miracles for myself and others, and I see them almost daily. Here are some examples from the last few days:

This first one was sent to me about an unborn child:
The original assessment that stated the pulmonary artery and aorta were on the wrong side is no longer valid. At this point the aorta is smaller than it should be but the blood flow is still okay, right ventricle is larger, left ventricle is smaller than they should be, hole in the heart and a valve is leaking. These are the current issues, much better than originally thought. (I will continue to send this child healing, and ask that he be fully healed.)

Within 30 minutes of my request and your response I have been returned to a position of strength, I can sit comfortably and hold my head up!!!!!

My brother came home on Tuesday afternoon! He's so much better and is in the process of recovery. 4 days in ICU, 5 days in the cardiac ward, 3 stents in the right coronary artery, but he's okay - no permanent damage - a total neurological and renal recovery, the heart muscle is strong and the prognosis is great.

The healing request said this child had severe neurological problems and was blind : I'm so thrilled to tell you that little Mathew is making such wonderful progress!!! He has found his thumb and is loving sucking on it. The nurses were quite surprised and said he definitely is not showing any neurological problems because he's able to find the center of his mouth perfectly. We were quite proud of that and so very thankful!! His eyes are open and he follows both Mommy and Daddy around his incubator, which gives us a little more assurance that there may not be sight problems.

This fellow was having groin pain and herniated disc pain: BREAKTHROUGH! Pain gone and stability restored.

Which brings us back to Our Lady’s message to the visionaries in Medjugorje: "You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting you can ward off wars, suspend natural laws.”

When Our Lady says, “You have forgotten”, She is reminding us that Her Divine Son told us that with Faith anything was possible.

Recently someone contacted me and asked how I became a healer, and I might as well answer the question here. My interest in Divine Healing was the result of finding a little book at a used book store about the great Healer, Kathryn Kuhlman. I think the book cost me ten cents at an outdoor stall on the Commons, and I brought it home and read it. In the book was a wonderful story about a missionary in Africa. He had brought the Bible to the natives he was assigned to, but before long he was brought back to his home country, his missionary assignment left unfinished. Years later he returned to those same villages in Africa, and he saw miracles of healing everywhere. The blind were seeing, the lame walking. Marveling, he soon realized that the natives, in their innocence, had taken Christ’s words very literally.

That book was my real training, and that one story was enough. Soon after, I saw my own first miracle.

And so can we all.

For those of you who are interested, I suggest any book on Kathryn Kuhlman. I especially enjoyed Daughter of Destiny by Jamie Buckingham, because it is the story of her life. Kathryn, in my mind, is one of the saints of the last century, and one of our greatest Healers. Kathryn did her healing through the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit - but we can call on God the Father, The Holy Trinity, Our Lady, Her Divine Son, the angels, and/or the saints. The secret, as Our Lady said, is prayer. She has also asked us to fast several days each week.

Primary is our Love for God, and placing God first in our lives. All else flows from that Devotion and Love. Love for God - and Love for our fellow sentient beings. For all people, all animals, insects, plants; Love for the Beauty of the earth itself, and Love and Compassion for its myriad inhabitants. If we do not have Love and Compassion for all sentient and insentient beings or things, if hold any judgement of any sentient or insentient being or thing - then we are not standing in the Light of the soul and in the Higher Love and Compassion.

This Love and Compassion is not personal, and it does not mean that we should allow others to hurt themselves or others. But if we want the Divine Love and Compassion to flow through us, we must act and think from Love and Compassion. Otherwise we are thinking and acting from our own personality, from our own personal ego - and ignoring the soul and It’s Infinite Love and Wisdom.

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