Simple Healing Meditations and Exercises

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Simple Healing Meditations and Exercises

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Healing Meditations and Exercises: A Mystic’s Journal Entry: February 24, 2010

Most of us need healing of one sort or another. We are all plagued by our own negative thoughts, by illness and injury, at least from time to time.

Whether you formally meditate or not, there are simple healing meditations and healing exercises you can easily do - that can have remarkable results.

As a volunteer for the Distant Healing Network, I often suggest easy exercises or simple healing meditations that can bring a full and lasting healing. Most often we have to repeat the meditations and the healing is gradual - but not always. Sometimes it is immediate.

Simple Affirmations and Visualizations

Our thoughts, our ideas and opinions about ourselves and the world around us - will manifest. Therefore, one of the main problems we face - especially if we have had a long term illness or injury - is getting trapped in the thought that we are sick or injured. This thought that we are injured or ill can keep us sick or injured, or can cause new illness and injury.

Sometimes these negative thoughts about ourselves are not even conscious in us - basically we have just over time grown accustomed to being sick or injured. To antidote these negative thoughts, conscious or not, we say affirmations, i.e. we put positive thoughts in their place. If you have practiced this technique in the past, you might find that you need only to say your affirmation a few times to restore balance and health. In the beginning, however, you might have to say them many times each day, and over a long period of time.

It is important to keep your affirmation short and simple, uncomplicated. If the problem is emotional, choose an affirmation of the opposite positive emotion. For instance, if you suffer from depression, your affirmation could be, “Joy, joy, joy”. If you are prone to anger or fear or nervousness, you could say, “Peace, peace, peace”. Or, “Calm, calm, calm.” Or, “I am the soul”. Or, “I am (a being of) Radiant Light”. You will know if you have chosen the correct phrase to say - because you will find the calm or peace or joy you have been seeking.

If the problem is a physical one, the antidote is similar: “I am completely healthy and happy”, or, “I am completely healed” - and then image it. See yourself filled and surrounded with the Divine Light, fully healed, healthy and happy. Try to also feel it, what it felt like to be fully healthy and happy, and/or uninjured.

I just did this exercise for a minute or two earlier today - and instead of being flat on my back with the flu, I am now at the computer happily writing this Journal entry.

What we humans call “miracles” - often are just a simple change in our thinking.

Simple Prayers

Always ask for a complete and lasting healing, and in that request inwardly add “If it is Thy Will”. And always say “Thank you”, whether you are fully healed yet - or not. Miracles rarely happen if you wait until after a miracle happens to say, “Thank you”.

Keep your prayers simple, they do not have to be elaborate. You don’t have to list everything that ails you. Just ask for a complete and lasting healing, and then say, “Thank you.”

It is often a good idea to offer something in return, some good deed or prayers - but this is not really necessary. When we put our full trust in God, our prayers are always answered - in ways that are best for our own soul and the souls of others.

When I need help or healing - I call on Everyone I can think of. You can call on the Holy angels, God, saints, Our Lady, Her Divine Son - on any Divine Being. If you are calling on the saints for help, you do not need to know their names or which saint to call on. Simply ask for the saint that can heal you, whoever he or she might be - and they will come. The same for the angels. Just leave it all up to God, trust that whoever you need will be sent to you. We humans tend to complicate even the simplest of things, and we think we must do everything ourselves - when in truth Divine forces are behind both our most insignificant and our greatest achievements.

And this might sound odd - but sometimes the greatest healings come to us when we are praying for others.

The main secret to Divine Healing is in deepening our relationship with God. Our Lady, in Medjugorje, has said that we should all choose our own spiritual Path and then do our very best on it. That we should make God the very center of our lives.

If we do this, then when we turn to God and the other Divine Beings for help, the channel between us is already open and pure. Otherwise, when we need help, we must spend precious time and energy first opening heavy, thick doors that separate us from God and His glorious throne. Sometimes we are unable to open the doors - sometimes they have been closed for so long, they cannot open except with great difficulty. If we are used to turning to God for even the smallest details of our lives, then it is simple to find Him when we are in pain or in distress.

There was a man who wrote Our Lady a letter each night. After some years he decided to stop, thinking it a senseless thing. One of the visionaries in Medjugorje, after an apparition of Our Lady, announced that Our Blessed Mother had a message for someone there. The message was that the man should not stop writing Her letters each night, Our Lady looked forward to them.

We should all be writing God letters, every moment of every day.

Ramana’s Exercise

The Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi said that our first and last mistake is thinking we are the physical body. In terms of healing of the body, when we remember that we are not the physical body we have taken the first big step towards healing. The soul is not sick or injured, only the physical body is. When we remember that we are the Radiant soul, we are standing in our true Selves. And the Radiance of the soul, the Divine Light that is the soul - can heal the physical body. In true healing, the physical body is infused with the Light of the soul.

On the other hand, if we think we are merely the physical body, we can become imprisoned in it - along with its ailments and injuries. Our own thoughts will imprison us.

Ramana’s exercise is to inwardly ask: “Who is sick (or injured)?” We reply: “I am.” Then we ask: “Who am I?” The answer is: “I am the soul” or “I am Radiant Light”. You can do this exercise either with your eyes closed or open, although generally it is easier with your eyes shut. Eventually, the question, “Who is sick (or injured)?” might be enough, there will be no need to say the rest of the exercise, the soul will present itself to you even after the initial question, “Who is sick?”.

This practice can work for any illness, injury - or negative emotion. If you are angry, ask: “Who is angry?” If sad, “Who is sad?” The answer is always the same: “I am Radiant Light” or “I am the soul”.

Simple Healing Meditations

These meditation exercises are also safe, very powerful, and can have amazing results:

1. One of the simplest mini-meditations we can do is to simply ask that the Divine, Healing, Radiant Light be sent to every cell of our body. Close your eyes and image it. You can do this exercise for a few seconds several times each day, or for up to twenty minutes or more once or twice each day. Sometimes once is enough, i.e. you are healed after doing this exercise the very first time.

We can also do this for others, by inwardly imaging them and turning them to the Radiant Divine Light. Even if we do this for only a few seconds, several times a day, it will bring healing - often a complete healing for that person.

All these exercises will work better if you sincerely call on God or Divine Beings to help you. One of my ‘students’ recently did this particular exercise for her very severe and painful physical problems. She also called on every Divine Being she could think of to help her as she did the exercise - and was miraculously healed within a few minutes. I cannot stress this enough: we are all Healers. It is only a matter of the depth of our Love and Compassion for all sentient beings and the depth and breadth of our Trust in God.

2. Two more healing meditations:

Exercise I

Sit in a chair with your back straight and gently clasp your hands, with your feet on the floor. (If you cannot sit up, lie down on your back, with your arms at your sides.) Try to clear your mind of thoughts. Ask for guidance, enlightenment and Healing. You can call on God or a specific religious figure if you wish. Ask that you be filled and surrounded by the Divine, Healing Love that is the Divine, that is God.

Image the Divine Healing Light entering from the top of your head, filling every atom of your body and then also surrounding you. Bask in it. Inwardly say some short phrase such as "I am the soul" or "I am radiant Light", repeatedly, as you image the Light fill and surround you.

Try to do this for 10 to 20 minutes. If you are lying down, imagine the Light surrounding and filling you from above your prone body.

Exercise II

You can also do the above imagining yourself totally healthy, cured and doing things that you love to do. In this exercise see yourself happy and radiant, made of Light.

This exercise could be shorter, 3-5 minutes. And you can do it more than once a day, and/or combine it with meditation exercise I .

I suggest that you try all the exercises above and then decide which is best for you. You also might find that some healing exercises or meditations work best for certain ailments or injuries. I have seen miracles happen with all of them, they are all very powerful - none of them seem less effective than any other. However, each of us must find what works best in each situation, where our hearts are. With a bit of experimentation you should find the best one for you. May Angels always Light your Path!

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