Haiti and Our Earth: 1/22/2010

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Haiti and Our Earth: 1/22/2010

Post by figaro » Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:49 pm

Haiti and Our Earth: A Mystic’s Journal Entries: January 22 - 23, 2010


Image: A recent photograph taken in Haiti: look Who is still standing!

Friday, January 22

More news of aftershocks in Haiti in today’s newspaper. Just horrifying. I have not been able to watch any news broadcasts on television since this all began. Instead I send angels and healing to everyone in that ravished country, and ask Our Lady to send legions of angels to earth and to Haiti in particular.

I have also been sending the Earth itself healing, as well as all its sentient beings.

A day or two before the earthquake shook beautiful Haiti, I was walking into the tv room upstairs - and suddenly, in some unspoken way, I was asked to send the Earth Healing. I saw the Earth as a small globe before me, hung in my mind’s eye. I have never been very good at geography, and I was not trying to distinguish special countries or continents. I merely knew that our beautiful Earth needed healing. And so I stood there for a good while sending the earth healing and correcting, in all the ways I knew how.

Perhaps it helped, I certainly hope so.

Many of us have been taught to pray for other people, animals, even countries - but most of us do not think to pray for the Earth itself. So here I will suggest that at least some of our prayers are sent to help the Earth heal and find balance, be restored to full health. I am not speaking of the rain forests and rivers and seas - although those need our prayers as well - or even the fragmenting ozone layer. I am speaking of the physical planet called Earth that holds us all, all the races of peoples and the various species of myriad animals and plants that call this vast planet Home. The Globe that gives life as we know it a place to be, as we make our separate yet interconnected Journeys through Life.

Many mystics, psychics and Healers are already working on this healing of the Earth, and have been for centuries or more, perhaps since the earliest sages and saints stood with us on the sands or seas of Earth. Many of the Healers and psychics I now know are sending the Earth healing, each in their own way. And so I will ask you to add your prayers and Love.

We do not need to know what exactly is wrong with the Earth, the technical details, or even where on Earth the problems are. Some of my biggest miracles have been in response to a heartfelt, “God, please help them!”, or even “Help!”- not the most finely turned prayers. More important than the words we use is what is in our hearts, and the depth of our Trust in God.

And of course, I would also encourage you all to ask God or Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, to send legions of angels to Earth, to fight the evil here, to bring comfort, to guide, to heal and protect us.

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