Many Birds Come to Visit

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Many Birds Come to Visit

Post by figaro » Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:08 pm

A Mystic’s Journal: Many Birds Come to Visit: April 4 - September 14, 2009

Such a big gap between now and the last Journal entry. Since then I have sent the CD of Images to reviewers and radio stations; Diana is still formatting Visits With Angels; I have been working on the new interviews, JD might transcribe the remainder this week or next. I have been rewriting and trying to finish up We Meet in Dreams.

More than once recently I have been aware of the supernatural fragrance of roses in the upstairs hallway. I have received many e-mails requesting healing and seen many miracles. I had a radio interview on Realms of Light. I have been working happily in the gardens before the heat and my little friends the yellow jackets arrive.

Wednesday, April 8

During meditation two students entered while I was meditating - and I became aware of the strong fragrance of roses or frankincense. After meditation I asked if anyone was wearing perfume. No one was. Then I asked who had entered second, and it was my new meditator, Kerry, who had learned to meditate last week. M. said she had experienced the supernatural fragrance during meditation; Pam, who came later, said she was aware of a scent as she entered the room.

Tonight after meditation we spoke of many things; we are studying Paul Brunton’s Emotions and Ethics, one volume of his Notebooks . And at the end of the evening I asked everyone to choose one small thing to work on in themselves, one small improvement. Something that might be achieved. I told them that when I was studying piano at the conservatory, the other students were running through their entire concert frantically each day - whereas sometimes I would pick only one or two measures and try to perfect them. I would repeat those same few measures over and over again, making sure the tone, the articulation, the phrasing, that everything in those measures was exactly as I inwardly heard and knew them to be, wanted them to be. The next day, when I sat down to play the entire piece - everything had improved, reached a new level of perfection and ease. In fact, all the pieces I was working on had improved. This is because in repeating and perfecting a few measures, I was really training my mind, bringing my mind and my self to a higher level of awareness and perfection. Otherwise I would have faced the same problems I had left the day before - because I had practiced sloppiness and the same mistakes for hours the previous day.

Monday August 8, 2009

It has been many months again since I wrote in this notebook. Today is overcast, but almost ninety degrees, perhaps over ninety - I see many people walking past our front windows, towards the falls. A good day for a dip.

Diana is still doing other projects and teaching - Visits With Angels is on hold for the moment. We began reading the poems of the Desert Fathers again after meditation Wednesday nights - and we have been aware of the supernatural fragrances almost every week: flowers, mysterious fruits, myrrh. We are more than fortunate.

Aside from those on my Healing list, my prayers are for the world, the earth, and all sentient beings. I ask that Our Lady send legions of Her Holy Angels to earth, to protect, guide and change our hearts and lives for the better. I ask the Holy Spirit to Enlighten us and to transform the face of the earth ... To bring to us and blanket the earth with It’s Divine and Holy Light ...

Suddenly thunder, rain - a beautiful storm. The sun almost completely hidden, it is instantly dark out the front window ... The trees and flowers will be grateful. I had best get off the computer.

Thursday, August 27

Tonight as I was outside clipping a small topiary tree in the darkness, instead of seeing the sun and clouds in my eyes as I worked - there were the stars ... And the moon, and then a shooting star. Suddenly I realized that my life had changed, but the Beauty was still there - now the night sky instead of the summer’s daytime sky ...

Monday, September 14

I have begun practicing piano again, after a four year break due to health. Rachmaninov, Liszt, Chopin, Ravel, Debussy, Schubert ... Some of the pieces I have always wanted to play but never had the time or discipline needed to tackle them.

As I began practicing the Debussy (L’Isle Joyeuse) and Ravel (Jeux D’Eaux) suddenly pairs of birds began to sing outside, in the back gardens - birds of all sizes and colours and shapes, many I could not identify, I had never seen them before. Today a very tiny one with a black crest was taking a drink out of one of the plant saucers on the back steps, his mate only a few feet away in the grape arbor ...

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