Life is Our Monastery and a Visit from Our Lady

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Life is Our Monastery and a Visit from Our Lady

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A Mystic’s Journal Entries: November 12 - December 16, 2008

Yes, this Journal entry was written in November and December of 2008. It has been almost a year since I last posted A Mystic's Journal on this site. I am trying to catch up - and have missed you all! I will post more past and present entries in the coming days.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A call from one of my new meditation students shortly before class tonight: she couldn’t come; her ex-boyfriend had called to say they needed to talk. This young college student has not yet learned to meditate, but she has been coming to classes as preparation.

I told her that this would be a good opportunity to put what we have been studying in class into her daily life, and asked her to remember that she was the soul as they spoke about the relationship - and to know that their true relationship was on the soul level. That the true relationship was not the words spoken or the actions, that the real relationship was not the behaviors and emotions and thoughts that were brought to the relationship on the ego level. And that on the soul level everything was fine and understood.

She responded that she had been thinking of those words in class last week and had already intended to apply them to her situation.

Which made me very pleased.

A few days later she wrote me the following message:

“ Hi Laurie,

I can't thank you (and the universe) enough for what you taught me! I went into the conversation with my boyfriend with a clear idea of how to stay patient and loving. Although I've always thought that those are the right things to do, I've never been able to remember those goals in the heat of the moment because I didn't have them in terms I could understand. This time, however, repeating the idea of "I am the soul" to myself made it so much easier, because it showed me that I already had the capacity to behave in the right way, I just needed to retain the right perspective and not get upset. I was able to explain things to him calmly, and I think because of this he was able to respond calmly. We made a lot of progress. If I can learn to always keep this attitude, I'm sure all the interactions I have will go much more smoothly and be loving. Thank you for introducing me to this technique and for being there to repeat it to me when I most needed to hear it. I know I have years of practicing this ahead of me, but now that I've experienced it once, I have an idea of what I'm trying to do.

I'm sorry I missed class this week, but I think this was a really valuable experience for me. I'll see you next week. ”

Thursday, November 13

A few days ago I was speaking with someone who had a serious problem with depression, and I gave her this prayer to say:

O Sorrowful Heart of Mary, Pray for us.

A holy soul was told by Our Lady Herself that this prayer not only heals our small hearts, but will also heal Her Immaculate Heart. This prayer has never let me down.

When I am facing some overwhelming sorrow or loss, I keep repeating the prayer until I am restored to peace and happiness.

Saturday, December 6
3:30 a.m.

Earlier, downstairs watering the plants, saying my nightly Ave Marias for Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows - I turned and glanced at the statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the fireplace shelf, and She was looking right at me. Even though the statue was facing in a different direction. The statue had not moved, but the Essence that is Our Lady in the statue became visible to me. She was made of radiant Light, as She always is. I continued my prayers, facing Her and looking into Her most beautiful Eyes.

An hour or so later, upstairs - I was suddenly surrounded by the distinct and powerful fragrance of myrrh. As often happens, I also felt someone gently holding my hands - and was surrounded by a Divine Presence. It felt as though I were floating on a cloud of Love.

I have been aware of the and unmistakable supernatural fragrance of flowers many times in the past few weeks, in the upstairs rooms. And occasionally incense. After a few moments, my sinuses and chest completely cleared after many weeks of barely being able to breathe. I asked for Healing, and inwardly saw a monk near a table, as a small inner movie. He was bringing various vials filled with clear liquids towards me. This happened several times. He also put his hands on my abdomen.

Except for the image of the monk, I clairvoyantly saw nothing in the room. Just the fragrance of myrrh and floating in a cloud of Love.

Monday, December 8

Today, for the first time in many months, my abdomen started to fully heal from the two surgeries. As I write this, the image of the monk keeps appearing in my inner eye ...

Wednesday, December 10

When I woke up this morning my abdomen had again improved. Hopefully the healing I received last Saturday night will continue to manifest.

Now I wish I had asked for healing more often.

Thursday, December 11

The first real snow of the season. Walked into town and met M. for dinner. Afterward we strolled on the Commons; snow was gently but persistently falling. Many people were out walking, in clumps, in strands, and various other moving geometries. There were small clear lights strung in the trees and around the lamp posts; the air was brisk but not bitterly cold, the shops were still open: I felt as though I had fallen into a Christmas card. It was a festive and fun scene all around; people looked at the ice sculptures strewn about, a sort of adult treasure hunt. At the northern edge of the Commons was the usual huge Santa chair hewn from ice; a pretty college student laughingly climbed in, others taking photographs of her from their cell phones ...

We bought a few things at our favorite shops and then walked home, the snow still gently falling, lightly covering us as we walked; uncountable, small, ephemeral visitors dressed in white, melting away in their journey or staying on the ground ... covering the trees. Afterward I tried to shovel the sidewalks, but could not. I am still not healed enough from my surgeries. Instead I stood on the corner, in the lamplight, watching the world around me transform.

Then I answered e-mails and sent messages to Diana about the graphics for Visits With Angels. Caught up on other messages, wrapped presents; and gazed out the windows, relishing the silence that snow always brings.

Tuesday, December 16

Finally had time to download the formatted files of Visits With Angels from Diana so I can proof them. Am printing them up now. She sent me forty two pages of writing and the section title pages. I am so very pleased with her work. After she submits the formatted version to the publisher I will have to proof the manuscript again. Step after step, just like walking. Try to skip a step while walking - and you fall over.

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