New Book 'Realms of Light' Now Available! Read the Introduc

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New Book 'Realms of Light' Now Available! Read the Introduc

Post by figaro » Fri Feb 08, 2008 8:31 pm


Friday, February 8

My new book, Realms of Light, is now available on the Authorhouse website:

It will be on Amazon and other websites, including my own, within the next few weeks. I sincerely hope this little book helps people ... Some of the messages from loved ones "on the other side" are very touching, valuable.

I am including the Introduction to the book, for those of you who might want to know more about it:


In my work with the Distant Healing Network, I receive many healing requests for the pain and sorrow experienced after the death of a loved one.

One of my healees, who later became my friend, suggested that I write this volume. She was struggling to recover from the death of her father, and we sent many e-mails back and forth. In one e-mail she wrote that many people would want to know what I clairvoyantly experienced of other realms and the souls in those realms. After a few helpful communications on the topic of writing such a book, she sent me the following e-mail in the early fall of 2002:

Hi hon,

A friend of mine lost her Mom last year, and she just wanted to know for sure that there was an afterlife, that her Mom wasn’t just a lump in the ground now.

That’s what we all really want to know with certainty, that they are happy and OK. That death isn’t just the end. That we don’t die without it being our own time, that we don’t need to feel guilty because we think we should have done more in the hospital to save them. You could explain the whole process, where they are, what they are doing. How do we increase the chances of personal contact, personal contact where there can be no question in our minds that it is real. What are some prayers to say for our loved ones. What are some signs we overlook or rationalize away. Tell people what you see. xoxox Linda

Basically, I have taken Linda’s e-mail as the outline for this book.

This volume is not a textbook on life after death. Rather, it is a volume of my clairvoyant experiences of souls in other realms, and the experiences and perceptions of others I have interviewed. I do not pretend to know and understand all the Mysteries of the universe. I am also not a Bible scholar nor a theologian, but only a clairvoyant. The Mysteries of Life and the Soul are vast, no human will ever understand them all. At most, I can only attempt to describe the Glimpses of other realms given to me over the course of my own life, and record the experiences of others.

Some of these perceptions of beings in or from other realms, and the realms they are in, were experienced clairvoyantly in waking state consciousness, others in dream state. I hope that my experiences and the experiences of others in this book will help many to better understand the ways in which we can and do communicate with those we love in other realms - whether we are clairvoyant or not.

I was fortunate to find many willing friends who agreed to be interviewed for this book. In typing up their interviews I was struck by how we all struggle to find words, find a vocabulary for our experiences. For what we perceive in these other realms is very different from our ordinary life and perceptions here on earth. I also noticed that in almost all the accounts, at some point in the interview the persons being interviewed slipped into the present tense when describing their experiences of other realms - even if the rest of the interview has been in the past tense. I think this is because those experiences are so deeply felt, so impressed on our minds, that they seem timeless, eternal in a way. And in describing them, we are once again brought into that timeless place that always IS. You could also say that those experiences are given to us in a different consciousness, and to even recall them we must return to that consciousness. I will leave this analysis to the philosophers and theologians, to those who have a deeper understanding and training than I.

One final comment: I put the word "died" in quotation marks throughout this book, because we clairvoyants can tell you that no one ever "dies". No matter what realm we are in - we are still quite alive.

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