'Realms of Light' now in the hands of the Publisher 12/13/07

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'Realms of Light' now in the hands of the Publisher 12/13/07

Post by figaro » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:09 pm

December 13, 2007


My graphics designer, Diana Souza, is done with her work and Realms of Light is now in the hands of the publisher. I will still need to reproof the publisher's galleys, but hopefully all will go quickly and well.

Realms of Light is a collection of true stories of my clairvoyant experiences of other realms and messages I have received from loved ones in other realms. The book also contains interviews with others about their contacts with loved ones who have passed on to other realms. Some of the messages are quite touching. I wrote this book at the request friends who were struggling with their grief over the death of someone they loved. I hope this volume of true stories helps many people to both realize and know that we never truly "die" - and that our love for each other is eternal.

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