First Review of Realms of Light

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First Review of Realms of Light

Post by figaro » Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:37 pm

Body Mind Spirit magazine:

"By sharing her mystical journeys with us, clairvoyant Laurie Conrad inspires us to open to new possibilities beyond the normal bounds of our five senses. Her prose and poetry is expressed with humility ... from the heart. Comprised of short stories, Realms of Light can be enjoyed in bite size pieces."

Briefly stated: My intention in this book is to put some minds and hearts at rest about what happens to those we love - and us - when we "die". The first section of the book is comprised of my own stories, clairvoyant experiences of other realms I have had - and meetings or visits with those I love in other realms. The second section is interviews with others. Some of the messages received by myself and those interviewed are quite touching. The main message is one of love.

May Angels always Light your Path!

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