More Reviews of the Images and Visions CDs

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More Reviews of the Images and Visions CDs

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Here are some new reviews of the Images and Visions CDs:

" So very lovely and transporting! I felt as if I was at the falls surround by nature spirits. Beautifully composed and exquisitely performed! "
Woodstock NY USA

“ es muy bonito "
Bogotá Colombia

“ that's nice !! "
Coquimbo Chile

“ Interesante melodia. ”
Roma Italy

“ Wounnderfull ...."

“ Me gusta!!! ”
Tres Arroyos Argentina

“ Excelent! ”

“ I didn't notice this was an independent artist at first. This was so wonderful I thought for sure it was a classic piece and I went to see who it was! Bravo! ”
United Kingdom

" Beauty, warm atmosphere, an introduction of the day growing up... "

“ formidable ” (i.e. " fantastic ")

Lyon, France

“ clean and elegant... CLASSIC!! ”


“ Laurie, your music has something special. I like contemporary music, but yours caught me very deeply. Thank you. ”

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