Read the Description of the New Book We Meet in Dreams Here!

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Read the Description of the New Book We Meet in Dreams Here!

Post by figaro » Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:16 am

Here is the back of the book description for the new book We Meet in Dreams:

A book for anyone who wants to look more deeply into the true nature of their dreams.

Most of us have had a dream experience that seemed "more real" than an ordinary dream, a dream that felt like it "really happened." We've wondered what made that dream feel so different, so vivid, so meaningful to us.

According to author and clairvoyant Laurie Conrad, there are two kinds of dreams. One is psychological, the product of our subconscious mind, with its endless torrent of thoughts and desires. In We Meet in Dreams, the author presents us with the compelling possibility that some of our dreams are actually visits to other realms or to other places on Earth. And these special dreams show that our relationship to time and space may be less fixed than we think.

Through exploring and interpreting a wide range of dreams, including flying dreams, shared dreams and nightmares, Laurie Conrad helps us to distinguish the difference between "ordinary" dreams and "other realm" visits . In the process, many fascinating and unexpected interpretations are given, explanations that defy the ways that dreams have been understood – until now.

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