Reviews of new book 'Visits With Angels'

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Reviews of new book 'Visits With Angels'

Post by figaro » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:16 pm

Visits with Angels is well written and contains many touching true stories. The beautiful graphics add to this wonderful book's appeal. Therese Kruger

This book is definitely a keeper. I was completely captivated from cover to cover - I found the book highly informative, but never pedantic. The first part gives much valuable background information about angels and includes some very beautiful prayers to angels. Included in the book are numerous interviews the author conducted with various people, relating their personal encounters with angels. These interviews are touching, as are the author's accounts of her personal experiences with angels.

Laurie Conrad is a most talented writer - her words flow effortlessly from the tip of her pen. She is deeply spiritual, yet extremely down-to-earth - a great pleasure to know from her beautiful writings. Patricia Mitchell

Laurie Conrad is truly an inspirational author who writes with powerful words of wisdom. Visits With Angels and Other Divine Beings confirms claims, using true stories, that there is indeed a heaven, that Mother Mary and Jesus do exist and that Angels and Saints are here with us on earth to guide and help us. I ordered this book because I am dealing with some difficult times in my life now and it opened up a door for me to glimpse into a celestial world that is open 24 hours a day for anyone to journey into through the simple power of prayer. If you just enyoy reading stories about Angels and Saints and savor in heavenly bliss or if you are seeking answers and need help, this book is a Must Read for Hope and Inspiration! Susan D.

Visits With Angels is so wonderful, so personal, so encouraging, so interesting! It makes the angels so real! The way St Raphael and St Michael were described was so beautiful that I wanted to cry. This book was so much more personal and real than any of D_____ V_____'s books about angels. Michael W.

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